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  1. Still looking. There's got be a pair floating around the PNW somewhere. Need them for Peru next month!
  2. I'm looking to buy a pair of the older/discontinued Adidas Terrex Pro sunglasses. They are the model that have the nose guard and the temples can be pulled off and replaced with an elastic strap. If anyone has a pair that's not being used, I would like to buy them. Mine fell out of my pack this winter in the Rockies. I've never found a pair of glasses that fit my face as well as the ATPs so I'm looking to replace them. Please PM me if you have a pair to sell. Thanks
  3. I have two pairs. I obviously don't need both. The new ones I just received as a gift from my lovely wife. The old ones are still in great shape so I'm happy to sell either one and then keep the other. Let the market decide! My prices are far below even the best available price online - a screaming deal if I say so myself. - Brand new - $425 (No pics - they're brand new. But I can take pics if you need) - Used - $325 Used pair: Used but not abused, in perfect functional shape. I covered all the outer seams and the front of the toe with Seamgrip to prolong the boots' lives and it's working great. The outer itself is in excellent shape. About 80% of the seamgrip has worn off which gives it a "rough" look. Keep in mind the wear is to the seamgrip, not the boot - the seamgrip has done an excellent job. Inside, the zippers and pull loop are in perfect functional condition and the zipper has been routinely maintained with the silicone lubricant included with the boot. They obviously show wear, but overall are in very good shape.. Even the fabric lace eyelets are totally solid. Zipper is smooth, the soles are not heavily worn, etc. Close up of a seam reinforced with Seamgrip:
  4. Heading up to the Canadian Rockies/Canmore area later this winter for my first visit to the area. Objectives are long alpine routes up to WI5/M7. And Polar Circus. Just because. Is the new Brent Peters book adequate? Should I try and find a (relatively) fairly priced Josephson 4th ed? Thanks all!
  5. Grivel Parts

    I think you got your front-back description crossed? Anyway, to add the "universal" heel will be problematic. The plastic cuff is riveted directly to the steel crampon heel. I doubt that the part you're looking for is even available for new purchase. You can try Liberty or you can also try The Mountaineer in Keene NY. They have been longstanding Grivel distributors and keep a very well stocked parts bin. Other option is to buy a full replacement heel. That way you can swap between crampon styles without buying a full set of new 'pons.
  6. All items located in Boulder, CO. Will ship at cost. Only trades I'm interested in: SuperClip, Blue Ice Boa umbilicals, Petzl Lynx, Petzl Nao/RXP, Alpinist Magazine issues 37,38,42,46-51 in great condition (no water damage, torn spine, etc) Rebel GTX Carbon - $220 Ultimate lightweight alpine boot. These have seen minimal use. Maybe 4 hikes and one alpine climb. No damage of any sort. I find these fit about 1/2 size small. My L foot is 11.5, my R foot is just the tiniest hair under 12, and every Scarpa boot I've ever owned has been 45.5 (including these) but my toes are a tiny bit cramped, hence the sale. These would be ideal for someone with a size 11 I think. Or a true 11.5 if you prefer thin socks. Uppers, lowers, soles, laces, eyelets, all an excellent condition aside from typical expected surface scuffs. Originally $550, selling for over 50% off. Original insoles were thin pieces of crap and tossed in the garbage. I have a pair of like new blue Superfeet insoles (untrimmed) that I can include for an additional $20. Arcteryx R275LT - $55 Ultralight sport climbing, glacier travel, alpine climbing harness. Barely used, everything in good shape, no visible signs of wear or frayed stitching. Size Large. I wear 33" pants and I cinch this down with 1" of belt left. Would probably be ideal for anyone with a 32.5" - 37" waist. Mountainsmith "Day" Lumbar Pack - $45 Lightly used, bottom has a couple nicks/scuffs, everything else is great. Perfect for fast and light day hikes and keeps your back cool and sweat-free. Includes the shoulder-straps accessory. MSRP is $75+$25 for the shoulder straps. Assorted Ice accessories * Petzl Nomic Cascade Pick – Brand new, sealed package. Rare, discontinued, best Nomic pick ever for waterfall ice. Selling for what I paid for it. $60 All other items in the photo are SOLD: Scarpa Phantom Guide size 45.5 (11.5) - $325 Only selling because I was gifted a brand new pair in the exact same size. I planned on using these for another 2-3 seasons. I covered all the outer seams and the front of the toe with Seamgrip to prolong the boots' lives and it's working great. The outer itself is in excellent shape but 80% of the seamgrip has worn off which gives it a "rough" look. Keep in mind the wear is to the seamgrip, not the boot. Inside, the zippers and pull loop are in perfect functional condition and the zipper has been routinely maintained with the silicone lubricant included with the boot. They obviously show some wear, but overall are in very good shape, with no damage. Even the fabric lace eyelets are totally solid. Zipper is smooth, the soles are not heavily worn, etc. Buy some ice boots at nearly 50% off the $610 MSRP. Close up of a seam reinforced with Seamgrip Books! Gillett guide to RMNP High Peaks - $15 Hubbell guide to Front Range Crags - $5 G3 ION 12 binding - $425 Brand new, unmounted. 130mm brakes. Includes all original screws/hardware. Thought I was gonna mount up a powder ski this winter but have decided against it. I'm sure I'm gonna regret this decision when El Nino buries us in snow this winter. Hottest binding on the market. Arguably safer than just about anything but the Beast 16 as well.
  7. Adding the following: Suunto Vector HR - Heartrate/Altimeter watch - $150 In pretty good overall condition, minus some scuffs to the watch. Also missing one of the tiny screws that hold the band. It's been missing for 2+ months and I wear the watch every day, so it hasn't been an issue for me. You can order a brand new replacement "Strap Kit" on Amazon for $10.99 (Prime eligible) and get the screw and a whole new band if you're bothered. Also includes the Heart Rate chest strap. Strap is in great condition, only used 6-7 times. Price reflects the condition. Cosmetics are a bit rough but it's 100% functionally solid.
  8. Cleared out some more deleted stuff and added a pair of G3 ION 12 bindings
  9. Ski boots and crampons have sold
  10. Skis and BD Laser picks have sold
  11. I can promise you this - you're gonna be miserable trying to ski in your Phantom 6000 boots. If the glacier gets any steeper than about 8 degrees (the pitch of the gentlest bunny slopes), you're gonna have a really bad time. My partner and I both took Phantom Guides and Silvrettas to Chamonix just to tool around on the glacier and approach climbs. It was an unmitigated disaster and nearly ruined our trip. And we weren't even trying to ski with sleds. Just daypacks.
  12. Trying to clean up the clutter. Anything can be picked up in Boulder with cash. Otherwise, Paypal only. Shipping is at cost. Buy a bunch of stuff and I'll ship for free and throw in free gifts. I can definitely be persuaded to make trades. I am looking for: * GriGri 1 and a GriGri 2 * Grivel Helix screws * Blue Ice Boa ice tool umbilicals Cassin X-All ice tools - $299 SOLD C.A.M.P. Magix 10 Crampons - $69 SOLD Grivel Rambo Crampons - $119 - SOLD Assorted Picks and Weights * Petzl pick weights – $25 for the set. No hardware included. * Petzl ICE pick – brand new, never mounted - $39 * BD Laser picks – lightly used (4-5 days?) and sharpened once - $72 for both * Petzl DRY picks – lightly used. I polished off the black powdercoating at the tips to get down to that beautiful Charlet steel. This makes the picks penetrate better, fracture less ice, and aids in cleaning too. $67 for both Assorted Ice Screws * BD 13cm Ice screws brand new in the package - $43 ea, 2 available, 1 sold * BD 16cm Ice screws brand new in the package - BOTH SOLD * BD 16cm Turbo screw – like new, factory sharp - $23 * Grivel 17cm 360 screw – like new, factory sharp - $37 Dynafit Speed Radical Binding - $350 Brand new in the cardboard. 2014 model I believe. Picture shows 2 pairs of bindings but only one is for sale. On the right in the picture. Assorted small stuff * Snargs – Pound in ice protection. Good bail pieces for alpine. $12 for both * Metolius BRD belay device - $5 * Yates Shorty screamers – $13 each BOTH SOLD * Yates standard screamer - Carried, but never weighted. Perfect structural condition - $10 Ortovox Zoom+ beacon - $175 Brand new, in the box. Only turned on to confirm operation. Bought for my fiancee last season but turns out she prefers in bounds, lift serviced only. Suunto Core Watch - $135 Used for ~6 months and then got a Vector HR so this has been in my drawer ever since. Comes with the original box and papers. Has some scuffs on the bezel and face but nothing gratuitous. Yours for half off. Battery is dead though. Watch looks MUCH better in real life than in the photo. La Sportiva Scorpion Size 12/45.5 - $30 Inexpensive shoe. Good for a backup or a comfy all day, flat-toed trad shoe. I normally wear an 11.5 sneaker and 43.5 in Sportiva shoes. I exclusively wore these with a sock for comfort and warmth on alpine objectives. Fairly stiff, decent edging. Cheap. Not much else to say. BD C4 camalots - $235 SOLD Sterling 60M 9.8mm rope - $65 Well used 60M Sterling rope but not ready for retirement yet, so it’s up for sale. It’s about 3 years old. It’s a bit dirty (pictures look cleaner than real life) and has some fuzz spots here and there, but certainly no core showing. It would be a great cord after a wash or it would be a great TR beater, haul line, etc. I’m not 100% sure of the exact model, but I believe it’s the Evolution. It’s is definitely a Sterling 9.8 though. I can include the Metolius rope bag for $15. Scarpa Rebel Pro GTX Size 42 - $299 Brand new, never worn. Get your feet in the Ueli Steck carbon fiber hotness. Maybe you can speed solo the Eiger with these. I wish they fit my feet. MSRP on these is over $500. Scarpa Kailash GTX Women's Boot, size 38 (USA Women's 7)- $99 Purchased these for the fiancee but they don't fit her and unfortunately I didn't buy them from REI. They are brand new, unworn. US 7, 38 European sizing. Gore-tex lined. Top quality hiking boot with an MSRP of over $200 - selling for over 50% off. Guidebooks and training books New River Gorge guidebook (Steve Cater) - $9 Climbing Faster, Stronger, Healthier (Dr. Mike Layton) - SOLD Rock Climbing Colorado - $15 Front Range Crags (Peter Hubbel) - $9 Climber's Guide to Great Falls - $12 Rumney 3rd ed. (Ward Smith) - SOLD Better Bouldering (John Sherman) - $6 Arcteryx Blade 30 Travel Backpack - $139 Got it as a gift, used it for 2 weekend trips, and it’s been sitting in my closet since which is a quite a shame. Holds a 15” laptop and weekend worth of clothes. Goes for $200 everywhere online. It’s in perfect shape, can’t find a mark or a scuff anywhere. MTB Downhill armor - SOLD Men's Dalbello ski boots Size 29.0- $25 dirtbag special Selling a pair of Dalbello PRX 8 boots. Sized to fit my 11.5 foot. Mondo 29.0 and BSL of 336mm. About 5 seasons old but only about 30-35 days of east coast ice on them. One buckle slightly bent from hitting a rock but still perfectly functional. Liners never baked. Not sure what else to say about them. They're only $25. Who cares?
  13. Sold the cams, rambo crampons, MTB armor, and both shorty screamers. Sold the X-All axes, CAMP crampons, some ice screws.
  14. Scarpa Rebel Pro GTX. Brand new, never worn. Get your feet in the Ueli Steck carbon fiber hotness. Maybe you can speed solo the Eiger with these. I wish they fit my feet. $375 cash pickup in Boulder CO. Or add $15 to cover shipping and PP fees.
  15. Great story. I love tales of adversity overcome by teamwork in the mountains.
  16. JCA - thanks for posting these great historical reports.
  17. WTF is this shit with belaying like this!

    I'll say it now - any belay technique with the brake hand in a "palm up" position is downright terrible. It doesn't matter whether you're using an ATC, Grigri, Cinch, Smart, or any other device I can think of* - turn your damn brake hand palm down and belay. *(One minor exception - the relatively rare AlpineUp, when used to belay leader on double ropes, is probably better with a palms up technique. That's the only exception to the rule that I'm aware of.)
  18. Creative Uses of Cilo Straps?

    Jace asked for comments on strap configuration, not for everyone to shit on his new purchase. That's like telling your buddy that his new girlfriend is fat. Why be a dick unnecessarily?
  19. anyone using mega jul belay device?

    8 pages worth of discussion on MP: http://mountainproject.com/v/edelrid-mega-jul/108052298 Long story short: Many people like it, some don't like it, everyone agrees it's not perfect. It belays a leader or toproper very well. It can be a bit jerky until you dial in the technique though, especially on rappel. You can flip it around to a plain tuber configuration (eg non locking) for rapping, but it's still nowhere near as smooth as an ATC. A couple people reported that the wire loop popped out from the device mid-rappel - not a true safety issue per se, but enormously inconvenient, and could escalate to be a safety issue in the face of objective danger, etc. I have one. I use it occasionally. It's sitting there in a bin with my Cinch, GriGri, and Alpine Smart. None of them have managed to replace my trusty ATC Guide - they all have a tradeoff that usually makes them less desirable in one (or more) performance categories. I use my Cinch for single pitch sport, and the plain old ATC for everything else (trad, multipitch, ice, alpine, mountaineering, etc).
  20. What a wild TR. I love historical recollections. Please continue to post!
  21. Sick TR. Thanks for posting! Makes me want to get back to Cham pronto.
  22. Viper or Quark

    The BD pick issue is mostly historical. I haven't seen any new reports of picks breaking in several years. Further, they've done a fantastic job of listening to users - the newest Laser picks don't need any tuning, they've really got the tooth profile right now. Quarks seem like the better option for what you're doing. Keep in mind their performance on mixed is so-so. You would probably be better served with Nomics (but poor performance on Lib Ridge) or something like the Cassin X-All Mountain which should tick all your requirements nicely, not to mention very affordable.
  23. Any time you can clean your anchor pins by hand is a good time to reconsider your objective for the day.