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Do Randonee Boots Fit in Downhill Bindings?


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No. Except some AT boots, like the Dynafit Zeus, have interchangeable soles so they can covert to be alpine binding compatible. Also, most (or all?) slackcountry bindings like the Marker Duke can accomodate an AT or alpine sole.


Why not just use an AT binding for the downhill portion of the race?

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Why not just use an AT binding for the downhill portion of the race?


AT Bindings?=Randonee bindings? (free hill on the way up/lock on the way down)

I have old skis with old Fritz'is randonee bindings; is moving them to short skis the only option? Any way to rig my downhill bindings to accept randonee boots?


In Ski to Sea, first one needs to climb up about 2K feet, and then ski down in the same equipment; no backpacks, must ski down in boots used on the way up.

Last year I used short kids skis to save weight, but climbing up in ski boots sucked! I think I can save 5min+ using more flexible boots (like my yellow Koflahs)

Any suggestions?



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Its a factor of toe height and rocker - most randonee boots have a bit of rocker incorporated into the vibram sole, eliminated the effectiveness of alpine toe pieces to release. Often, this rocker gives the toe a higher or thicker dimension if measured from the top of the top welt to the ground, and many alpine bindings can't be adjusted enough to accomodate this height.


Anecdotal-ly, a shop tech at my old ski area demonstrated all of this too me when I asked him to remount my new alpine boards for my randonee boots. He showed me how the toe piece wouldn't release because of the vibram sole friction, and I could visibly see my toe piece bend forward to try to accomodate the toe height. He said he had witnessed toe pieces breaking because of this kind of pressure. Visions of my bindings exploding mid-turn on the area's double-black terrain was enough for me - I went home, dug around the extra-ski-bits-box, and found the alpine boot soles that came with the boots. Problem solved.

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Any time you'd save climbing up in plastic mountaineering boots you'd lose on the way down trying to ski in them.


Sounds like the race (go up / go down) requires you to use AT gear. Sounds like you own AT gear. Not sure what your dilemna is.

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