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  1. I have the pleasure of righting the wrongs done by metro area ski shops. Jump the snow cones and get your boards done right.
  2. Jubleale is now out...25 years of perfection...not that I've been drinking it that long. Shipyard (Portland, ME) puts out a pumpkin ale called "Pumpkin Head". If you mix it with a Guiness you get a concoction called "The Headless Horseman". This would be worth trying with the Uinta offering. Now I don't think this beer qualifies as a seasonal, but the Firestone Walker "Wookie Jack" is off-the-hook. Go get some. Whole Foods sells it in 22 oz. bottles.
  3. Trend? How long have you been climbing for, three months?
  4. I'm looking to get $700 obo on my slightly used Rocker 2, Marker Jester Pro set-up. Slightly used? Yeah. I got on them a half a dozen times last winter. They're pretty damn close to being new. If you're interested please shoot me a PM. Thank, Chris
  5. Hey all, I know most of you on this sight are only moved by AT set-up that weigh less than a roll of Reynolds Wrap, but I thought I would post my boards just in case. So I'm asking $600 for the set-up. I do have an ill fitting pair of skins (originally cut for a pair of Salomon X-Wing Labs) that I'll kick down. The El Dictators have some tip rocker, a 14mm waist and a 40-something turning radius. They're not the most nimble of boards, but they are uber stable at speed. If you're interested you can PM me. Thanks
  6. What's your take on Richard Duncan's perspective in "The New Depression". By his account less spending will only bring out the spiked shoulder pads and mohawked plunderers....which, or course, is a hard pill to swallow for conservative stalwarts.
  7. It's a toe height, proper plastic type of thang.
  8. I'm going to spend the morning renting wide platformed skis to people that wished they owned them.
  9. Dalbello's three piece boots are quite nice. What do you mean by wide? Are you, like, 100-105 in the last. I have ridiculously skinny ankles and a relatively skinny last (about 98) and I've had great luck with the Dalbello Krypton Rampage (with the 110 tongue). If this style of boot fits your foot the Dalbello Kypton Cross could be a responsive boot. Whatever you decide you should give serious consideration to throwing down on an Intuition liners and a custom footbed.
  10. I know. I still haven't choked down the Dynafit Kool-aid, and it isn't likely that I ever will; but those Manaslu boards review quite well. Good luck, and of course, have fun.
  11. ...looks pretty flat. How many passes over the grinder did it take? The last time I worked over a pair of Never Summer's skis it took about 30 passes +/- a few. Just mounted up a friend's Nomads. I didn't take a true bar to the bases, but I did throw a coat of wax on them, and they definitely seemed flatter than earlier generations. Like Never Summer boards, these planks are indeed built tough.....
  12. I just mounted up some MFD plates for some guy yesterday....has anyone given these things a spin?
  13. I've toured a bit with the Duke and they're adequate. Your assessment of the Dynafit gives validation to my intuition: Not For Me.
  14. Avoid the F-series. It's pretty much a Squire binding with a touring option. What does this mean? Well, lets just say I wouldn't put anyone but my 110 lb. wife or a "tweener" on them.
  15. Ever stick a true bar across those Shamans? I've never seen a ski more railed than those planks; which is too bad because they're a pretty rad ski.
  16. If you want something hard charging and off-the-hook stable you should take a look at the Salomon El Dictator. That and a pair of Dukes. Marker Dukes. Because they don't suck. Not at all.
  17. The Nordica Enforcer, Hell and Back, or Hell Unleashed are fantastic boards. You stick a pair of Dukes on them and you will have an incredibly stable front side ride. Might be heavy in the back and side country, but I personally don't give a shit about weight here in central Oregon. The Ski logiks are kinda cool. I mean they have one of the best bases out there (super hard/sintered and free of dye-cut bullshit). Their top sheet finish......well, lets just say they've got some room to grow. If you want playful you should definitely be looking at a rockered ski...that is tip and tail rocker with camber under the chassis. I'd suggest something like the K2 Obsethed, but it's a piece of shit....although it is pretty fun to ski. The skin attachment and pre-cut skin option is pretty cool.
  18. Recent additions to the quiver have rendered this hard charger superfluous. I'll let em' go at a steal.....They've been drilled twice: Salomon Lab bindings (Driver hole configuration) and Marker Duke. There is also a base weld running down the middle of one of the planks. I tune skis for a living, so the things have had a constant coat of wax on them. I've only sent them over the stone once. Despite the weld and the drill holes this ski hasn't seen more than a dozen days out on the snow. I'm willing to mount up whatever bindings you'd like to put on...I wouldn't be concerned with the drill holes....I've got some tricks up my sleeve in regards to dealing with encroaching holes.
  19. Drilled a set of Griffons into a pair of 189 K2 Obsethed....the commencement of winter was hanging on my decision. It should start snowing any day now. You're all welcome.
  20. .....I just dug up some reviews on the Pep pro model--it seems to rate quite high. I was interested to see that it is actually a stable ski with carving capabilities. On the wall amongst other boards it looks and feels ho-hum.....I'll have to give it a second look......whatever I end up going with will surely be more "playful" than my 198cm Salomon Xwing Labs (talk about a pair of boards that likes to go straight fast....)
  21. The west is surely the undisputed champion of M'erican skiing. But you should have glanced north during your tenure in hard pack purgatory (although Jay Peak's 2001 571" snowfall is nothing to bite your thumb at). Ever heard of the Chic-Chocs? If mad snow yields open terrain than big skis apply....Simple ski logic. I'm currently torn on the 98mm waisted, slightly rockered, mostly cambered, Nordica "Hell and Back" and the sloppy feeling K2 "Obsethed". Any one care to help sway my opinion? I love the Nordica "Enforcer", and the "Hell and Back" is from the same mold....press....whatever.
  22. Taking any skis east of the Rockies is a fool's errand, eh? The people of Vermont's Northeast Kingdom love you for your sentiment. I suppose you never got a good day in on the White's Presidentals. Too bad for you. There is nothing quite like locking a set of Ogasakas into a 40 degree machine tilled/loose granular slope...makes a skier outta ya.
  23. backclipped


    Ivan took care of it for me...nuff said.
  24. backclipped


    I think that coal slurry you've been sippin' has ironed your brain banana flat....what's a purdy Appalachian boy like you hanging out in the proud PNW? Answer me this, you ol' pork slapper, who would you chose as your running mate for the Sam Furley "Frig'em All" 2012 campaign--Snuffy Smith or Yosemite Sam?
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