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Agenda for Fall Megafest?


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Cool, Dynamite, I'm figuring on letting the band's pass the hat, I might give em a twenty for gas money but that's about it- as for DJ, I don't think there's going to be power for that, a slide show is in the works but I think the generator use should be limited to that and some night climbing, if possible.

As before, all assistance is much appreciated, hope to see some of you at the Pub Club- B.

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Hi Beck...

Maybe I will come to pub club tonight...

But, if I don't, I wanted to say we should keep in mind that the last time that there were fires in L-worth, a lot of stuff was closed until the next June or July. I know you are already thinking about alternate locations and I think that is pretty wise.

see ya

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Slack Line!! Slack Line!!!

You guys(girls too) are ALL GREAT! I'm thinking about switching this to the Tumwater CG, going over this Sat night/ Sunday to get an KOHO radio update in Lworth, will be letting all know new location ASAP if we need to move the event as it appears we will be.As soon as I know Bridge Creek is no go, I'll switch it and get the new group site paid for-


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Originally posted by Mr. Blister:

Cool. I may be able to make it. Thanks much for putting this together.

Maybe as entertainment we could watch various people square off and kick box. Panther v. everyone else, for example?

Just a thought.



Great idea man! WOW I volunteer to be in the first match ! Unless my oponent is Whillans frown.gif Then we have to have the beer guzzling contest and slackline walkers contest! We wont talk about climbing contests since I can't climb but I will judge for it!


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