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Access update for SS Mt. Adams

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Took a little drive up the road today...made it to mile post 47, which is just past the intersection with FS 8031. There are a few trees down along the road, some chainsaw work is evident, one small tree had to drive over. Got nowhere close to the BFT that fell late fall last year, so can't comment on that. Snow blocked further access as I don't have extra ground clearance, only have AWD instead of full 4WD, and no chains. Someone with a larger truck may make it further, but still not close to trail head.



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Has anyone been up the south spur in the past month or so. Is the road blocked long term or just temporary? Would love some info. I am coming to the area from Chicago and am trying to plan a trip up that way.


Thanks in advance for any info.


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Busted through the drifts this morning, and you can now drive to within 5minutes of Cold Springs. You can skin/ski on mostly continuous snow from cold springs.


Wind and cold temps kept the snow frozen and hard above 9,500' today, but the next warm and calm day should be perfect.





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The SW chutes last saturday were pretty good up high. At about 8,000' the snow got soft and there were multiple wet avalanches along the edges, from rock fall and snow sluffing I think. We made it through no trouble.


But look closely at the photo (taken from south of trout lake), there is a new slide in there - smack in the middle of the chute (I had stayed boarders right of that area). Hope no-one got caught it in, but it does look skiier caused.




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