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  1. No road work was done, just the gravel parking.
  2. I got a call from my neighbor last night that a cougar killed a few sheep down the road from me and buried them on the northern edge of my 20 acres
  3. This is also for the sub-category 'poor fashion decisions'.... Probably 1986 - Feeeraayss toooo! beer points if you name the boulder problem! And yes that is the front page of the local paper.... (now at mom's house).
  4. These are the wanker columns an old T.O. portland guide refers to. Park on Hwy 14 just west of the waterfall and head up. Do note that while I live 15 minutes from there, I have not been there in 12 years, mostly b/c of the amazingly high density of poison oak at the base:(
  5. Good to hear ya had a good time! RC is a good place to boulder on a rope:) As you know, I like the loose choss, especially with lots of ticks lichen and crap - ha ha.
  6. The lucky is a jim anglin momento from the bottom of his bolting bucket left at the crag post his accident. So I'm keeping it on my desk vs in the crag.
  7. A range of beefyness for sure! Not putting this one in the rock readying the soldiers! Off to bolt some choss!
  8. I'm sure you and your daughter will have a great time! Cheers!
  9. Since Bill won't I will! I thank Joseph each time I clip into those Metolius rap anchors. And I thank him each time he helps me out on my software. Paul Cou sar
  10. those are nice Fenerfour, but I would buy just the QD and use my own old biners.
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