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  1. Mt Adams route beta

    Please share what you found for road conditions skin-able conditions on the road to Cold Springs. I hope it is a great day for you. -Mr_D
  2. first ascent FA Wind Walker Columbia Gorge

    Sure looks and sounds a lot like a climb sean beanntan and I got 10 years ago. My photo records indicate 1/16/2007, which would be 10 years to the day We hiked down the trail from where the west trail tunnel now resides. Climbed and topped out back at the car.
  3. Gorge ice 2015

    Everything above the road at Cape Horn is still running wet in the middle. The wet december seems to have caused more flowing water, and thus taking longer to freeze.
  4. Beacon

    Not sure what type of pin pulled on Right Gull, but I have an assortment of Angle Pitons http://blackdiamondequipment.com/en/big-wall-climbing/angle-pitons-BD520720_cfg.html#q=pitons&start=6 I am happy to donate them to the cause. Unfortunately I lack the necessary removal and install tools and requisite knowledge. If you have the later, let me know. Happy to help.
  5. Gorge Ice 2014 style

    Things above 14 on cape horn are running wet in the middle of the climbs. Below 14 things look more promising, but only for those with an affinity for delicate placements and sparse to no pro. http://cascadeclimbers.com/plab/showphoto.php?photo=101645&title=img-19632&cat=500 http://cascadeclimbers.com/plab/showphoto.php?photo=101644&title=img-19581&cat=500
  6. EMS recently responded to two accidents. Anyone know any details? Not-Confirmed, but best info I have: Friday, July 18th Beacon - Climber fell near the base of the SE Corner Saturday, July 19th Ozone - Climber fell near East side. Thanks, Mr_D
  7. Beacon

    Currently misting near Cape Horn.
  8. Access update for SS Mt. Adams

    Busted through the drifts this morning, and you can now drive to within 5minutes of Cold Springs. You can skin/ski on mostly continuous snow from cold springs. Wind and cold temps kept the snow frozen and hard above 9,500' today, but the next warm and calm day should be perfect. Enjoy, Mr_D
  9. [TR] Hyalite Canyon - Various 1/24/2010

    So from the sound of it, the road is plowed all the way in past the reservoir? Thanks for the TR and info. We head there on Thursday of next week. -Mr_D
  10. Have the wasps on P1 of Young Warriors been removed?
  11. This year, Beacon is more horrible than any other year before. Fortunately Ozone is 75 degrees, breezy, free of insects and poison oak, and no drama. Beacon's for the birds.
  12. There is also a yellow jacket ground hive on the 3rd "pitch" of the corner. It is near the end of the pitch as you go between the shrubs about 30' from Jill's anchors. Enjoy.
  13. Good snowpack year = Mosquito Outbreak. Just out from Adams Glacier...similar experience with the mosquitos. No time to unpack and take boots off at the trailhead on the way out, just get in the car and go.
  14. Ozone Climber discusson

    Here is the Assessor's info about Ozone. Looks like it is owned by CRGNSA. http://skamaniawa.taxsifter.com/taxsifter/t-assessor.asp?pid=01052000010100 Here is the link to the map. http://skamaniawa.taxsifter.com/aphotos/010/520/000/100/03-01.jpg Sorry I cannot be of more assistance (time). Mr_D
  15. Adams Road Conditions?

    Thanks for the info. Hope to get out and ski it soon. -Mr_D