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  1. It's simply astonishing how...

    I use Boeshield T-9 on my gear, as well as on my guns. Works well for me. http://boeshield.com/
  2. Oops. Hood rescue underway.

    Hoping for a safe rescue for all and a speedy recovery. http://www.katu.com/news/local/97952424.html From the Comments area... "This is word from a friend of ours that was up there when this accident took place - Having been trained in Wilderness First Response - he was able to stay with the injured person. here is the very latest from him just about an hour ago: We're stabilized now, hunkered next to an ice cliff, to avoid getting hit by falling ice. Mountain rescue should be here within a half hour. The patient is doing ok. Joshua Cogar "
  3. Access update for SS Mt. Adams

    FYI Climbed South Side Sunday with a LOT of other folks. When we got down, the road was open all the way.
  4. Firearms allowed in National Parks

    Wow ivan, that would suck. Glad it didn’t end up worse. And I know you get this, but that was just that situation. Not everyone that has a gun is like that guy. Clearly. Or was that more about him being a “red-neck”?
  5. Firearms allowed in National Parks

    TV, do you read before your full BS on-slot starts? “somebody invariably cites 'grizzly danger' as a reason for packing,” That somebody was you TV. More of your full on SHIT mode. “It will be interesting to see how all this plays out after a few inevitable and avoidable firearms related deaths occur.” That was more from you TV. Sounds like blood in the streets BS talk to me. So this is where you come on full bore and launch in to a flaming attack on me instead of simply talking and or clarifying the issue.
  6. Firearms allowed in National Parks

    In general, I'm bemused about the parnoia and fear of gun toters. I’m with you Jim. I’m also “bemused about the parnoia and fear of gun toters”. I mean really, once you meet them and get to know those “gun toters”, you find their really just nice folks. I don’t really know why people are so “paranoid” and “fearful” of “gun toters”. But lots of folks are. Maybe they are just haters and insecure deep down inside?
  7. Firearms allowed in National Parks

    Lets just be clear? TV was the first person to bring up “bears” as a reason people want to carry a gun (and for that matter, also started with the “there will be blood in the streets” kind of BS). And the “anti” gunners on here were the ones to start jumping anyone that didn’t fall in line with guns=bad. I have no plans to carry into a NP. But now, if I’m in the area and want to stop in, it’s a non issue as far as if I’m caring a firearm. Still won’t be taking it on my next Rainier climb though!
  8. Firearms allowed in National Parks

    So maybe that what I get for believing the signs when they say “No guns inside park limits” ? I’ll buy it that it “disassembled, unloaded and stored separately”. But that still leaves me with the whole issue of leaving it in the car and hopeing it isn’t ISN’T broken into.
  9. Firearms allowed in National Parks

    LOL. Or just a failure to proof read? LOL! I enjoy many things. Climbing and firearms are just some of them. I used to really enjoy hunting. Now, I enjoy other things more so I don’t hunt much. No great desire to kill. But when hunting, that is a very small part of it. Like climbing, the placing of a cam is only one small part of the overall enjoyment of the outing.
  10. Firearms allowed in National Parks

    That’s correct.
  11. Firearms allowed in National Parks

    So let’s cut to the point here. The real difference this law makes is that now when I decide to drop by Crater Lake on the way home, I won’t be breaking the law because there is a gun in my car. And I won’t have to take it off and hope my car is broken into when I hike over to look over the rim. And everyone in the park will be just a little safer because the dirt bags won’t be guaranteed an unarmed victim simply because you are in a national park. The Oregonian (and I bet many here made the same claims and jumped to the same BS conclusions) back when we got the “shell issue” CWP, of “there will be blood in the streets at every car accident”. Didn’t happen then, won’t happen now.
  12. Half Ropes

    My understanding of this: Twins are twins. Both through all pro. Not separated. Half’s are half’s. Alternating pro. Not combined. Twin/Half’s are both. Can go with either style. What CLB says is true. My understanding is you can still do it but need to use a separate biner for each rope so they can move separately when clipped to the same piece if you’re mixing styles. I use my twin/half’s all the time and love them. Always ready for a double rope rapp, and climbing in a group of 3 is almost as fast as a group of 2. And can be more fun, depending on who the 3rd climber is! LOL I use the Metolius Monster Twin/Half 7.8’s, which just happen to be marked down 25% at the Metolius website right now!
  13. Accident on Hood 12-11-09

    Damn. My condolences to the family and friends as well as the climbing community at large.
  14. Damn. http://www.katu.com/news/38980959.html Hope their not hurt bad.
  15. radios for windy belays

    I use a set like these, but mine are 26 mile not 30. Midland Radios at REI They are water proof and have a vibrate feature and have worked well for me. I have talked from the summit of Mt Hood to Cloud Cap as well as down to Timberline Lodge. Also from the summit of Mt Shasta down to Bunny Flats parking lot. So the range is good. Line of sight of course, but good. I take one even when solo for the weather updates as well as just incase. I also take the rechargeable battery pack out when in my pack so I don’t have to worry about it coming on. I have used the headsets at times and its nice if I’m around others so they don’t have to hear all the needless chatter.