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  1. South Sister climbing conditions?

    I'm curious macnaw - how much snow was there left on the south route? It looks like from the bottom of the Lewis glacier up to the crater is well melted out and dry.
  2. Mt. St. Helen's recent conditions?

    Thanks, this is a good trip report. By chance were the REI boots the blue inflexible boots? I've had several friends go to REI and be given these boots for MSH and Adams climbs and these are the worst boots you could wear. If you're renting gear go to OMC on Sandy - their boot and policy is far better than REIs.
  3. Mount Saint Helens Conditions?

    It was a beautiful day up there. Drivable to Marble Mountain in a car. [img:left]http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5064/5681362019_53d5362727_z.jpg[/img] Full-size pano here
  4. Mount Saint Helens Conditions?

    Yes sorry, bca beacons. Going to go up and dig some pits. I agree with parkerm, it's looking like no sumitting.
  5. Mount Saint Helens Conditions?

    We rented locators, going to go up even earlier now and play it by ear.
  6. Mount Saint Helens Conditions?

    I'm thinking of doing this same thing. To pcg's point, it will start warming at 6 but I would think it would be a few hours before real temperature changes start taking place. I just don't want to be heading up at 10am.
  7. Access update for SS Mt. Adams

    6/26/2010 - Drivable to about a mile past morrison creek campground. Deep drifts (4'-5') block the road on and off and its about a 2 mile hike to cold springs where there's 4 feet of snow. Should be skiable from cold springs on.
  8. Mt Adams access - Cold Springs?

    Thanks - You mean like this? Let me google that for you...
  9. Mt Adams access - Cold Springs?

    Thanks - out of curiosity, where did you get this info?
  10. Anyone been up here lately? Is it drivable yet to the trail head?
  11. Worm Flow. Anyone done it in May?

    I was up there on the 2nd. You could easily do it without snowshoes, in fact I hiked about 3/4 with just bare boots. There was a lot of snow the week before the 2nd so I did put snowshoes on because I was sinking, but that was more due to the fact that we got a late start and things were very soft and deep. Summary: Don't bring snowshoes
  12. Mt Adams South Spur conditions

    I drove out there last Saturday - posted about it in the Newbie forum, however I probably should have posted here in the Route Reports / Access. Anyway, the downed tree is about 50 yards before road 020 crosses 80. You can't really tell from the picture, but it's probably about 4 foot in diameter, so it's a pretty large tree. I was able to get around to the east but the snow was pretty deep, 3 feet or so in spots. My friend took a short video going back around the log: http://www.flickr.com/apps/video/stewart.swf?v=71377&photo_secret=ba6f3818ac&photo_id=4287783363
  13. Mt Adams in February?

    Yep. Went and scouted the roads today. 80 is pretty clear and not bad until you hit 020, where a huge tree has recently fallen and is blocking the road for about 40 feet in either direction. I was able to drive all the way around it on the right but after getting around and losing my momentum the road is uphill and 2+ inches of ice covered by 10+ inches of snow. It's not passable unless you hike, ski or snowmobile unfortunately. (click for larger pictures) This is looking north on 80: This is looking south on 80:
  14. Mt Adams in February?

    Hi Guys - I'm having trouble finding any trip reports of people doing Mt Adams (SS) route in the winter. Has anyone done this? If so I'd like to hear how it went... thanks in advance -