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Although I don't have the gift of eloquent speech as Mitch does, I do agree with him. To the people who think it's too much work to fight, or don't have the time, don't complain later when the program is permanent and no longer a "demonstration program". You may remember my post a while back about my NW Forest Pass case. The judge took the case under advisement pending additional info. from the US Attorney's office - that info. has been received and I responded to it. I'm now awaiting the final decision. I will post the results here when I hear back, if this thread is still about the pass and not the Klan or something.

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Originally posted by MF206er:

[QB]"If you want to get banned like upperdeck post racist crap or things offensive of children."

Or you could just piss off some of the CC.com darlings


Guess I better not tell a racist joke then.

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i just got a ticket for no pass. ive gone all this time parking at MANY a trailhead w/out one, as i wish to boycott the 'demonstration program'.

i tried to follow this post but the got tired of reading the crap about everything but forest passes.

so, im putting the question out there, has anyone successfully got out of one of these tickets by using the "dont force me to vote 'yes' by buying a pass" plea?? ive signed the petitions, called and stated my opposition to state reps., etc. so ive gone through the proper channels, filled out the proper forms blah blah blah.

i think i know the answer, but someone pls tell me some good news.

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Search my previous posts on this thread; this was one of the arguements I brought up at my trial - that the USFS does not provide for a way to register dissent for the program, other than not buying a pass, or not going to the woods. The judge said the Government had proved their case, that I was parked somewhere a pass was required and didn't have one. Check my posts a few pages back, or PM me. I'm still awaiting a final decision on my case.....

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