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This (parking a 1/4 mile away)puts you in the non-voting category. You have not voted for the fee program but have not voted against it either.

The way I look at it, if I don't pay, I'm not supporting it. The bottom line is the dollars. When those who want The Pass look at how much they take in, it makes a difference if it is a little or a lot. At some point they would say, "This isn't worth it. We aren't pulling in enough."


What if you are in my family's situation: My wife and I work opposite work schedules because we can't afford to pay for day care for out 5-year old. To take him camping we have to take two cars because of the work schedule thing. ($11/car/night.) If I want to take him for a scenic hike it costs $5/visit to a trailhead or $35/year. Should my 5-year old have to walk an extra 1/4-mile?

I am in your family's situation, except I've got two kids, 4 and 2 years. I either take them hiking where I don't have to pay, or, as I said, I take the chance. Either way, I don't pay. Show me where to vote 'no', and I'll vote 'no', (other than writing letters to congressfolk and not paying which I already do.)

If your idea of not voting is just intentionally getting a ticket each time and not paying it, I can't afford that.


And what about the hassels and inconvenience to use something that is being "managed in the public trust" and is mine to begin with? The forest service does not own the land. It is yours and mine. Do you really want more services provided at the expence of paying for all use? Another paved campsite? A solar powered water pump? More signage to tell you where to play for how many $?


I want less services from the FS.

Especially when I have to bend over to get serviced.

Your preaching to the choir here.

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Originally posted by Fence Sitter:

bulldyke is not offensive unless you are one...but hey who's gonna admit that?
[Roll Eyes]

Umm.....not necessarily. Honestly the first time I saw the term on the board it was directed at me. I knew it was intended as an ephitet, but thought maybe it was more of a 'descriptive' term, like 'brunette' or 'drag queen.' So, I went to my source for this kind of information, the women I work with. Lots of them go to the 'other church', so to speak, and I figured they'd know better than me about whether it was 'descriptive' or 'really bad.'


They said it was in the latter category. Not cool, not acceptable. Can't you folks think of another insult?


To reiterate, I am not a moderator on any bbs. Seems somewhat unnecessary to call me names for objecting. Remember when some of the posters objected to references about child rape? Well, everyone has their limits, it seems.


I feel that not paying for a parking pass, but having one through forgery or other means, is a reasonable way to deal with the whole parking pass sitchmo. Honestly if I had enough time to wage war by fighting every ticket in court, well, I'd do something huge with the time. sometimes you've got to pick your battles. Write your congressperson.


Flame suit on, I imagine I'm really going to get it now. [Frown]

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"websters says the bulldyke means an agressivly masculine lesbian, OFTEN used disparagingly... doesn't say that it HAS to mean anything bad"


that was passed on from a "concerned citizen" they wish to reserve their anonymity as they have an election comming up shortly and wish to avoid and public confrontation with bul...well i'll just stop there...

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I don't recall ever having called any female posters either of those names. It's not my style. Not a name caller.


Had to get clarification from lesbian women. Not a lesbian woman myself, try to be sensitive. I think there are a lot of things like this. It wouldn't particularly offend me if someone called me the 'N' word, but I know enough not to call people this.


If you're not sure if 'bulldyke' is offensive, I encourage you to call evey woman you know that for one whole day. That might give you a sense of whether or not it is.


Heck in my household I was never exposed to a lot of sort of colorful language, for years I thought the bad Jewish word was 'Kite.'

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Originally posted by allison:

No, it's because I was not exposed to such language when I was a kid.


My parent were hippies and occasionally swore, but that's about it.


Calling me a lesbian would be about as accurate as calling me a blonde. It's not offensive, merely inaccurate.


Come on, you know better!

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Originally posted by Fence Sitter:

and i didn't call you a lesbian you smelly hippie
learn to read you illiterate hairy armed bra-burning femmie

OK, you got me wondering, so I did a little research on the board. I haven't called anyone any names, so get over it. I didn't think so.


I also discovered that we've been through this before. I've objected to this term and been flamed to kingdom come for it. Must have slipped my mind.


Fence: If you think I am any of the things you called me, you obviously haven't met me.


I'm sort of hoping you guys have been so nasty that the mods will just pull this pig of a thread. I've asked nicely that the term not be used. You've refused and retaliated with a lot of name-calling. What then, is the point?


Somehow I suspect that our former scion of brilliance Crazy Polish Bob may be back. How nice for us.

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