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rides for climbers in Washington?


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Me and my brother are heading to WA for three weeks of as much climbing as we can fit in. We hope to spend six or seven days of that (late july) in north cascades park. We hope to land a couple good permits and shoot for two good routes. anyone have ideas about how we can get around? we dont have a car, and are really low on cash.


a bus or limo service has been mentioned to us as a way to get from seattle to somewhere north, and then from there to marblemount, but it sounds expensive. is there a climbing store in seattle that cordinate rides or anything like that?


anyone know anyone traveling to the park from seattle around the 25th of july, or returning around the 1st of august?


all help in finding out how to get around, public transport, ride advice taken with great appreciation.

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Good luck. I don't know of any service like the one you describe. You should have no problem getting to marblemount. Beyond that is a little more problematic.


One thing to try is to hitch. I'd find my way to the 65th St Park and Ride in Seattle near green lake. Get there at about 4:00pm on a friday night or 4:00am on a saturday morning. Look for Subaru's. Bring plenty of coffee (the closest coffee shop will be closed), donuts, [big Drink][big Drink] and [smile] a lot. If you are lucky you will find 20-30 people headed to Washington Pass or Cascade Pass. There is enough to do near Washington pass to keep you busy for weeks.


Pack light!

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