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  1. WTB: BD Hexes

    Hi folks- I want to buy slung BD hexes 4-11. they can be well used- im looking for the cheapest price i can get, as im pretty much broke. whats that?- you upgraded to a set of cams? and want to ditch the hexes? great! i would also be interested in rockcentrics, or other slung big passive pro, if you have some to sell. let me know- anthony.anagnostou@yale.edu thanks anthony
  2. Sewing Gear Yourself

    I make a lot of my own gear, like others in this thread, i suppose. i admit that sometimes, when im done wiht a project, i have to take a deep breath and really understand that there is something to be said for having made it yourself. if you consider your time worth money (lets say i think my time is worth 12 dollars an hour..) then some of the thigns ive made have been pretty expensive. i actually disagree with what people say about materials costs. i think materials costs are generally really low. really really low. and that doenst assume non-domestic rip off cheapo fabrics. also- if you cant find some elusive incredible buckle duraflex makes, sometimes a local diostributor will just sell you one or two- as a sample. or just beucase they're nice. theyve done this for me. ive made all kinds of junk. some of the more complex stuff im glad i did, but will never do again. its up to you. im not sure what you would wnat to seam tape on a pack. ive never seen a pack seam taped, unless you want to make some kind of dry bag. seam taping is definitely doable at home, although is much easier with 3-ply (fabric lined) waterproof fabrics, instead of fabrics with the laminate or coating exposed. cheers
  3. living for free in the casades park?

    anyone know if there is easy free camping in the park, or so near to the park that we could easily hitch in? me and my brother want a place to crash between routes late this month, but dont have a car. any thoughts?
  4. rides for climbers in Washington?

    Me and my brother are heading to WA for three weeks of as much climbing as we can fit in. We hope to spend six or seven days of that (late july) in north cascades park. We hope to land a couple good permits and shoot for two good routes. anyone have ideas about how we can get around? we dont have a car, and are really low on cash. a bus or limo service has been mentioned to us as a way to get from seattle to somewhere north, and then from there to marblemount, but it sounds expensive. is there a climbing store in seattle that cordinate rides or anything like that? anyone know anyone traveling to the park from seattle around the 25th of july, or returning around the 1st of august? all help in finding out how to get around, public transport, ride advice taken with great appreciation.