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[TR] Hyalite Canyon - Various 1/24/2010


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Trip: Hyalite Canyon - Various


Date: 1/24/2010


Trip Report:

As my wife and I are expecting our third child in March, free time to climb ice is hard to come by these days. Got kitchen pass to go on a short trip so Lukic and I flew into Bozeman. Over the last two years, we’ve been to Cody almost exclusively and having never been to Hyalite, we were eager to check it out. With the Winter Dance book in hand, we were ready!!


From the time we landed in Bozeman on Friday evening to Sunday evening, it snowed consistently. The roads were sketchy at times but we managed to get in and out without any problems. Having 4WD helped.


First day, we got little late start so we headed up into Genesis area and first climbed Hang Over (WI3), then traversed over to G2 (WI3+), then rapped down into G1 and top roped the right side (WI 4+), then climbed G1 left side (WI3).



Me leading Hangover



Genesis 2



Lukic leading G2


Second day, got much earlier start and hiked back into Dribbles area. Took 1 hour on the trail to get to the area where we get off the trail. Another 30 minutes to wade through deep powder and we were at the base of Dribbles (WI4). Fun route….even though Lukic stole my crux pitch! He accidentally combined the 2nd and 3rd pitch as described in the guide book! The second pitch was so short, that he just kept going! It’s a rope stretcher but good lead nonetheless.



Approaching Dribbles



Climb looks PHAT!


On the hike out, we saw couple of teams on Mummy Cooler II and The Scepter. They looked Phat too! It’ll have to wait till next time.


Hyalite was fun. Good ice conditions right now and for the most part, there are places you can go that’s low avy danger and still get a good workout. I’m sure I’ll be heading back there next year but for this year…one last trip to Cody to finish off Moretorium and maybe Mean Green?? =)




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So from the sound of it, the road is plowed all the way in past the reservoir?


Thanks to the efforts and contributions of the SMCC as well as local climbers in WA and MT the road is plowed weekly all the way to the main fork parking lot until April 1st. You could literally drive a golf cart up the road most days :)

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