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Shasta in a day?


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hey folks,

I may be down in california in mid-march and am wondering if any of you have climbed Casaval Ridge on Shasta and if so, would you consider a one-day car-to-car climb as reasonable for you given the terrain?

Proactive anti-spray disclaimer:

I know that you can't say whether or not it's reasonable for ME -- but if several of you think that it would be do-able for you, it may help me make my own self-assessment.

I do know that the parking lot is at 8,000 feet or so, and the summit is over 14,000 -- so that's a long day.

I'm also curious if the road to the parking lot is normally open in mid-march?

Thanks in advance for any info, folks.


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I have been up there that time of year. We bailed due to very high winds.

My impresssions:

Yes, it is doable in one day if you are in very good shape, a solid climber at that difficulty level, used to moving quickly over that type of ground, your partner(s) is/are all of these things too, and the route is in good shape.

Going up the main route would, of course, be even more doable. Either way, one day is long and the weather that time of year can turn very quickly.

Good luck and post a TR.

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The parking lot is a winter snow-park, it is open year-round. I climbed Casaval a few years ago in two days. It is doable in a day, though I'd take skis for a speedy, fun descent down the Avalanche Gulch route. March is springtime for real down there. When I skied it two years ago in March we had delicious corn most of the way.

Casaval is pretty mellow. About like the Coleman-Deming on Baker without the crevasses.

The Fifth Season is the local gear shop. Nice folks. Call them for conditions. (916) 926-5555. The area code may have changed to 530...

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Originally posted by goatboy:
I do know that the parking lot is at 8,000 feet or so, and the summit is over 14,000 -- so that's a long day.

Is Casaval Ridge a trailhead that has a parking lot that is higher than the avy route? Because the avy route is elev 6860 at Bunny Flats.

I really wanted to go down and do casaval this year as well, but will probably do either clear creek or maybe hotlum

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