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washington trip


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Hey Trask, I don't have a "No Touching" policy!...if you are young and hot and can be a rope gun hooker....come on over!


SK, other such nonsense must also include guitar playing and singing by the campfire...so if anyone wants to jam, bring a musical instrument cuz I'm haulin my 6 string up.


Get ready to climb high and party hard [big Grin] ...see y'all there!!!!!!!!!

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PBR is great massive intake beer if you're on a budget, but I'm bringing Alaskan Amber and Moose Drool too cuz it's a special occasion....and if Mcminimin's (sp?) ever get thier shit together and start bottling thier Stout, I'd bring that to.....but who fuckin cares, I'm going to climb Leavenworth next weekend!!!!!! [big Grin]

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wel i'm headed up there that weekend with ma good pal tim and we are bringing heaps of McEwans and Boddingtons... yeah... beer... [big Drink] damn that is a long time away... hey is it too early to stop by the pub? what the hell i guess it is 8 o clock somewhere in the world! [big Grin] cheers!


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