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  1. What the hell do you people make of this texas chick? what does she think this is a dating service? That was my idea. Hey fencesitter what kind of cat food do you prefer? "And I'll never go to texas.....anymore"
  2. "And I'll never go to texas.....anymore!!!!!"
  3. Fence sitter- are you still talking about cat food?????????
  4. "The most dangerous time for the climber is the first year after starting to climb. He does not yet know the dangers well enough, cannot estimate things properly and is far too easy going" Hermann Buhl
  5. "The climber who sees only the rock experiences Nature just as little as the the hiker who sees only flowers" Hermann Buhl
  6. "To help us understand what we were experiencing from a point of view seldom visited by the western mind. We were trying to make sense of this new awareness. To unfold the mysteries. Drugs were equipment". Jim Bridwell.
  7. "There is something elegant, something stisfying about climbing the steepest of faces solo, without all the tiresome ironmongery." Hermann Buhl.
  8. "why climb? For the natural experience; for the danger that draws us ever on; for the feeling of total freedom; for the monstrous drop beneath you. IT IS LIKE A DRUG...." Hermann Buhl
  9. BIGWALL CLIMBER. pulls out wanker pisses on ropes, belayer, gear left in rock, pisses all over leg, rotten piss reaks for the next 5 days, partner cuts rope, dead climber reaks of piss is now a good source of sodium filled food for pikas in talus.
  10. kashmir


    Hey here it is this is the dating service i was spraying about. All girls welcome. add dimensions and climbing experience.
  11. I love it this topic has almost generated as much spray as my DATING SERVICE idea. you people are all sooo awesome. HEY WHO WANTS TO START A DATING SERVICE?????
  12. yo otherguy i think you missed my point, war isnt good but sometimes action has to be taken to protect "our" freedom. p.s if you miss it so much maybe you should stop by your local recruiting office. GET OUT BEHIND THE SCREEN AND GO CLIMB!
  13. I think that thelawgoddess and trask would make good drill sgt's!!!!!. WAR MAY BE STUPID AND POINTLESS BUT, I DONT WANT TO BE IN A BUILDING ONE OF THESE DAYS AND HAVE SOMEONE RAM A PLANE INTO IT!!!!!. you guys are all my heros
  14. kashmir

    dating service?

    the law goddess said she'd be willing to give everyone a turn, just as long as trask can watch. or we can all fight over the one female that has joined this excellent idea. oh by the way the crux move into my bedroom is 5.5
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