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climbing all three sister in one weekend


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About N. Ridge of S. Sister...it is 4th class...by the definitions you posted.


Class 4 Climbing. Rope is often used on Class 4 routes because falls can be fatal. The terrain is often steep and dangerous. Some routes can be done without rope because the terrain is stable.



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Currently you can get within 1 mile of the TH, basically right before the 10 mile marker.



The snow is super soft, i wouldn't even try to go past that. Looks like somebody got in there on a sled just recently, saw the tracks through the gravel. One track in, and one out. Anybody on here?


Not a good weekend to get on anything big back there, shit's gonna warm slide for sure.



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It took us about seven hours to summit early morning couloir and thirteen hours total. Right up the headwall-scared the shit out of us. To go any faster would be above average.


Re;Bend to Bachelor 30 minute run times.I do that race in 59 minutes every year and can't believe the bad ass athletes that live here.I think Lisa Nye did it last year in 39 minutes.She wins at least half the races in Bend. The Male winner is usually in the low 30's I believe.


Are they doing the south ridge when they go so fast?

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