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lets go ski


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Hey republican high climber!

What's so bad about getting in touch with Mother Nature?

Ever get "sketched" or "pumped" on a crux runout lead - Smoke a bowl beforehand at the belay and you'll be fine.

Go back to Arkansas you conservative!

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climbhigh you are an idiot!

adian is right pot is bad! not to say any of us are inncocent, but you don't need to attack someone who is in the legal or moral right. your comments only make yourself and other like us look dumb. if you want to partake in activities such as that go right ahead, but i don't think that you need to make a big deal over it.

plus if you want to get in touch with mother nature, let a tick suck on your %^%&^.

'keep the smoke low, or the injuns will know where we got the wagons' -donner party, two weeks before dinner.

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I really don’t care if people take it upon themselves to drink or smoke while climbing, that is their choice, and as long as it doesn’t affect me or the people I’m with toke away dude. What really bothers me though is how individuals on the boards glorify drinking and smoking weed, not taking into consideration that there may be people here who are at a young age who are facing some tough decisions and peer pressure. I’m not saying I don’t drink or smoke the kind stuff but it’s really not something to brag about. Putting up a good margarita recipe (and it was good MGT) is one thing, but talking about how fucked up you got at camp is another.

What you guys fail to mentions is how drugs and alcohol has ruined some of your friend’s lives (maybe even your own). I know everyone here knows someone. I have friends who are recovering alcoholics or addicts, some who still are, and I’m 25 fucking years old! Two months ago a friend from college was drunk and driving his Tahoe when he lost control and flipped it three times. His best friend was throw from the car and wasn’t able to start walking until last week. This dude SHOULD have died. A coworker of mine’s daughter just lost her license until she is 21 because of a DWI. She is 16.

Geez, doesn’t sound too cool now does it.

I just hope people have a little more tact when they’re posting and realize not everyone here is a thirty some white male.


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Maybe this thread will degenerate into people insulting people whom they don't even know like many do -- after all, it's just words and characters on a two-dimensional screen, right?

Or, maybe some more constructive or communicative dialogue can actually take place, ideas exchanged by the people behind the characters on the screen.

My hope is for the latter. Here are my ideas, for those who care to hear them.

People "getting in touch with nature" is one thing -- though it may be illegal in this american society, it may or may not be morally acceptable, depending on one's value system. That's a personal choice, and people have as much right to make personal moral choices as others have rights to choose otherwise.

HOWEVER, choosing to engage in narcotics (or drinking, or whatever) WHILE climbing means that you are making choices that affect (and reflect upon) all climbers. When pothead johnny has a climbing accident while on dope, there are two possible scenarios that I see:

1) the rescue team realizes he was on drugs while climbing, and that reflects badly on all climbers;

2) the rescue team fails to realize that he was on drugs, but had an accident anyway. Who knows if the accident may have been influenced by drug use, but the accident does influence public perception of climbing and climbers, possibly leading to more governmental regulations and other sanctions.

There will always be accidents, and I'm not attributing that fact to drug use -- however, I am stating emphatically that when you choose to use drugs and climb, you're not just affecting yourself. You may be affecting the public's perception of climbers and climbing, and you may also be affecting the safety of the rescue parties who come to your aid.

On a personal note, I climb to get a high that lasts, and feel more "in touch with nature" when my perception is not one step removed from its natural state.

I KNOW that lots of people smoke dope or drink and climb -- and that there is a long tradition of beer drinking as part of the climbing culture -- I myself have been known to singlehandedly keep Gustav's in business during the summer months -- but my point is that it's important to make a critical distinction between drinking/drug use AFTER climbing versus DURING climbing, for the reasons I stated above.

My hope is that those who disagree with my view will at least attempt to respect my right to my view, and attempt to understand my view, before calling me an idiot or other names.

It means a lot more to me to be called an idiot AFTER you understand me (wink, wink).

In light of this conversation, should we all Climb High, or hang out in the Lowe Alpine?

I wonder what views others have, and if people think it's important to make conscious choices about whether or not one is going to use drugs while climbing. Thanks for any insight others can offer.

Steve Smith (my real name!)

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well interesting topic....

first of all I'm out of Seattle, ski mostly on alpine gear, and ascend via snowshoes or trekkers...yeah yeah I know the drill they're heavy klunky and really pretty pathetic, but hey in the end they work....although I am working on tele, but not quite ready for long tours yet on tele gear....

have climbed and skied the WA volcanoes on alpine gear so I can manage the pain???

anyway that's all from here....

smoke up all you want...but not on my rope

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Don't be defensive about randonee gear. Yeah alpine trekkers are heavy, but there better than that telly gear. Remember Telemark is French for, "Hey guys wait for me." tongue.gif

[This message has been edited by AlpineK (edited 05-04-2001).]

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