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  1. Muir snow report?

    We were up there on Sunday and the snowfield was frozen solid all day long. Wind was blowing and air temps were low preventing the snow from softening. Pretty lame skiing, but a beautiful clear day on the mountain.
  2. DaKobed's

    Anyone been up around the DaKobed mountains lately?
  3. Adams-North Ridge TR

    Yikes, that route looked super crappy this weekend. The N. Face NW Ridge looked really good, but bad weather forced a hasty retreat. I was kinda suprised how crappy most of the routes on the N-NW side looked. Probably won't bother heading bace down there till next year.
  4. mt buckner

    My original post was an effort to try and find a competent person to climb/ski a peak with, which I had hoped that on a climbing resource like this website, one would be not so hard to find. The post turned into a totally negative spray fest, so I chose not to reply to any of it, or to try to justify what was being planned. We went, we climbed, and we skied and it was awesome...and if someone around here was interested in going along but chose to spray a bunch of crap around instead...well they missed out on a killer mission. -R
  5. Adams-North Ridge TR

    yeah vegetable, I've stayed away from this site for a while, too much of a negative spray fest going on for me. [ 06-26-2002, 12:47 PM: Message edited by: rperitore ]
  6. Adams-North Ridge TR

    Hey how did the Lava Glacier Headwall look while you were up there? (If you could see it from where you were on the N. Ridge) I'm planning on heading down there this weekend and climbing the headwall so any pertinent info would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. mt buckner

    Looking like we'll be up there next week from about Wednesday-Saturday. Full TR upon return.
  8. It's snowing big time!

    Where's the road open to right now? Want to head down this week for some skiing around Van Trump Gl. thanks.
  9. MT Ruth

    Ruth is absolutely outstanding in mid-winter. You need to move QUICKLY up the creek towards Hadlee Pass. Be very mindful of warming in the early part of the day as there are very large avalanche slopes looming on your north. Would consider getting a very early start to lessen that risk. and camp above Hadlee pass somewhere. Skiing is incredibly on Ruth. Have fun!
  10. mt buckner

    I am looking at probably a 2-3 night trip. Am assuming several miles of road skinning. Have not quite decided upon approach route. Right now leaning towards Sahale Arm, via Cascade Pass. Around Sahale Peak and down to the Boston Gl. Or Boston Basin. Most likely will stick to Cascade Pass. The idea now is to climb and ski N. Face, then judging from approach, determine route of return. Hopefully not re-climbing the N. face. Was able to get a climbing/skiing buddy from Salt Lake to come out and give it a go. Appreciate everyone's input. Happy climbing!!
  11. mt buckner

    anybody interested in skiing the N. face of Mt. Buckner sometime soon...looking for possible partners. usual bro out of town. Weekdays, maybe week of 2/11.
  12. Backcountry Skiing

    I head out skiing most weekdays, always looking for new skiing partners. Let me know if you can ride on weekdays.
  13. Chair peak basin skiing

    Interested in heading back out there sometime this week?
  14. Chair peak basin skiing

    Sweet, thanks for breaking trail!!!
  15. Holiday Greetings from REI