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Biggest surprise on a route???


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my heart dropped into my stomach when the replacement for that rope got stuck last summer rapping the west ridge slot of Inspiration peak with mark as the sun was setting. Turned to him and said "dibs on the back spoon".


we managed to make it down with one rope though and avoided having to confront our homophobia face to face, or front to back as the case would have been.


Spooning is OK - just no fork.


well, you know what they say, spooning leads to forking!

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Many, many years ago....


I was sitting talking to this girl next to me have a decent conversation about routes. She is standing. I am sitting. She wips out this plastic thingy and sticks it in her front zipper all in one stride while not missing a beat in our conversation. She starts peeing like one of the guys right in front me while still talking. She does not turn away.


My first experience with a lady j.


Any chance that the girl involved was named "Francie"? I had a similar experience...me and the boys stepped aside to take a whiz in some shrubs in Glacier Basin. We were quickly joined by Miss Francie who proceeds to pee competently while standing within a foot of me. We were all flabbergasted until she displayed her anatomically designed funnel-with-hose apparatus. Such a bonding experience!

Here's a current manifestation:

You Go Girl!

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