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GM, ahead of the curve again

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Actually, the reason is simple and 3 fold.


1st) Biggest most important reason: last trip the family went to Paris, my wife fell in love with it based strictly on the way it looks. "It's sooooo cute!" she would say repeatedly.I thought it would be a nice thinge6a5bd39-6b2f-46b4-b25f-88541f8debb5.jpgthing to surprise her with.


2nd) My brother told me to get on the waiting list. It cost $99 to do that and I pretty much always do what he says despite the fact that he's my little brother. We have a 2 million dollar condo/rowhouse inner city infill near the light rail project just wrapping up and these cars would look horrifically stylin' parked over there in front of the units.


3rd) I saw the gas price rise coming. I did mistakenly sell my Shell Oil and Conoco-Phillips stock early however. My bad.


4th) The poor Consumer Reports review was the older version. From Edmunds: "The old Smart was heavily criticized for its slow-witted steering and ponderous, jerky gearchange. Both elements have been updated for the new car. The automated manual gearbox now offers five speeds instead of six and the semiautomatic shifts are said to be smoother and faster than before. A fully automatic mode will also be available, and Smart is redesigning the gear selector to make it more intuitive for American customers. The steering is 10 percent more direct than the old car, according to Smart.


The longer wheelbase and wider track should also help improve both the Smart's handling and its notoriously harsh ride. With 71 hp on offer, it should prove capable of keeping up with the cut and thrust of city traffic, and with a top speed of 90 mph, it's highway-capable."


More: Link


I'm not actually committed to buying it, but at 3 feet shorter than the mini, it can park in the heavily congested downtown area, and as we live 10 min from there (by car, 20 by bike), and the 2nd child is leaving for college soon too, it all made sense.


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My bicycle gets awesome gas mileage.

And when it rains? :cry:

Fuck off you little tool.


Call your wife for a ride home yet, Nancy? :whistle:

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ummm.. that was in response the moneymaking comment... not the designs


GM and Ford have to heavily subsidize the purchase of their vehicles because nobody wants to buy them. Ergo, they get less money per car.


Not rocket science

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