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What is your recommendation for a Ski Helmet?


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Some common questions:

-Does it fit with my goggles? Which brands of goggles work best with it? That includes is it comfortable with the goggles and will the top vent work properly. Does it fall forward when bouncing without goggles (my friend's does that).

-How heavy? Mine's too heavy and gives my neck grief.

-Does it fit properly? Doesn't rattle around too much; no pressure points.

-Ear flaps/ removable ear flaps/ no ear flaps with under helmet hat? Mine has no ear flaps and I have a couple of hat options for under it. Sometimes I go with out.

-Vents? How cold does it get where you'll use it? Do you want to use it in the late spring? I like lots of venting options because I overheat easily.

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I'm new to the whole helmet thing. This winter I've been using a Leedom Prophet helmet. It fits goggles just fine. I have Smith goggles. The thing has some vents in the top that open and close. It has ear flaps.


Right now it can be a little too hot on the uptrack. I wear it when I'm doing something sketchy no matter what.


I have no idea what it will be like in the spring since this upcoming spring will be a first for me.

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1) fit - it should fit snugly.

2) protection - what does it cover on your head?

3) comfort - ventilation, removable ear flaps, etc. these features can reduce 2)


I like my rock climbing helmet for spring/summer ski trips because it has much better ventilation.


You do know that the classic hard plastic helmet and foam ski helmets are designed for different kinds of impacts?

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I bought a Giro helmet this year for inbounds. I have always had good luck with fit and comfort with their cycling helmets.


I wore one touring the other day due to the terrain we were skiing. I strapped it on my back and my partner had his forward on his chest strap. He used it for holding gloves or other items which I thought was slick.


It was cold this past Wed. That extra warmth was nice :)





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Fuck, just buy the cheap one and don't fall.


I've only irrevocably fucked up one helmet in my life, when I was 16 years old, and that was sort of motocross racing on an unofficial trail when I hit rocks and soared headfirst over the handlebars. I had pretty good elevation and landed head first right onto a pointed basalt rock. You're going to be on snow, worst case you hit some ice and slide into or smack a tree. ..Which is wood. Round.


People skied for years with only soft little touques and no one got hurt...till Sony Bono anyway. Theres been sooo many hard lines skied by folks with no helmets...


Now you are more likely to fall into a tree well and suffocate.


BTW, I finally bought a helmet after I was having the run of my life down 2 bowl (short black diamond). The sun was on it, slightly softening the surface, as I turned the corner at high speed where the trail is under the lift (of course:-), I hit snow in shade that was ice.....skis went out from under me and I started sliding down the hill....headfirst....










This went on...


and on...people on the lift were clapping and making rude nosies...I kept sliding. Had a ski pole still in hand and was trying to arrest, I was digging it in hard too, had a good grip -but it was ice...


and on..





I'm thinking...as I'm still sliding down the LOWER angle part of that run....damn, if I did this without a helmet and it didn't have a safe run out....



like on Heather Canyon (double black diamond)

And hit a tree......



Bought a helmet soon afterwards.



Don't ask about the earlier slid when trying to climb the Avalanch Gully route on Adams in the winter once. Ice was the culprit. That and my stupidity and arrogance in thinking I can ski on ice in the winter. With cross country skis that had no metal edges. A long way from other people. No cell phones.


Dumb. Got lucky - that and the snow cushioned my head landing on the rocks. What a friggan ride that was.


Shit, what am I spewing, just spend the money, get light and fits good.



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I have a Giro that is just fine, but i have to say that unless I'm skiing with kids (who are generally expected to wear them by their parents) that I don't bother with it. Feck may have to take extra care not to hit his noggin, but for adults with normal noggins, it just seems like another piece of gear to haul around and keep track of to me.

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