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Extinct- Bump skiiers?

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...Park City ...Deer Valley. Skier only resorts.


I believe Taos still bans snowboards.


So does Alta, Buncha butt-wigglin' homos who can't ski powder.

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If you don't believe which I'm sure you don't, grab a pair of skiis and take a trip to either Park City or Deer Valley. Upon arrival you will find long never ending runs of moguls and why you ask??? Skier only resorts. Both of those places still only allow skiers and funny thing is they still have wicked mogul runs even with the parabolic skiis everyone has.


Rules to live by:

"Short Skiis suck and Don't eat yellow snow." -Glenn Plake


Park Shitty allows snowboarders. Still you can find decent bumps there. Try non stopping the "shaft" or under Thaynes lift. The Hoist used to only allow 190 or more skis but I doubt it now because only 2% of skiiers are on anything that long now.


Deer Valley (no boarders) just hosted the World Cup mogul event and their mogul run rocks for moguls. They groom the shit out of most of their resort though so I can't say in general Deer Valley is the place to go.


Alta doesn't allow boarders either, but I don't go there for moguls per say. Still they don't groom a lot at Alta either so there are always bump runs.


For moguls I'd pick Sun Valley. Try Exhibition non-stop. Or Limelight if it hasn't been groomed for a while. There are lots of bump runs that never get groomed at Sun Valley!


I have no problem finding bump runs at Whistler or Blackcomb either.


I still like bumps at age 46 on tele skis, but I'm ol' skool!



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Hadn't thought about it for a while, but there do seem to be less mogul runs. I can't say that I miss them, though. When I started skiing in the 70s, bumps were THE thing to do and I never liked them then and I don't miss them now.


It is cool to watch a really good bump skier rip down a face, though - you can actually watch their knees wear out second by second.

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If its not powder its just survival skiing anyways.


If it's not powder you should be CLIMBING not skiing. :battlecage:


Bad snow is good practice for better skiing.

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