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  1. Palin Witchcraft Video

    Sorry, incorrect. There is clear and repeatable evidence that evolution is occurring in human beings currently. There was an article in either Scientific American or Discovery Magazine a couple years ago about a mutation that occurred in human brain chemistry within the last century that helps people deal more successfully with environments that have a lot of distracting stimuli that appears to be successful in that it is spreading through the population of the world. As of the writing of the article, about 20% of living humans now carry this mutated gene, whereas it was less prevalant 40 years ago and didn't exist 100+ years ago. There have also been numerous experiments with microbes, etc. whereby mutations have been introduced which were likely to be beneficial or detrimental and the beneficial mutations DO spread through the subject population. This is repeatable evidence that evolution DOES occur and that it does work. You could also note the more mundane evidence of dog and other domestic animal breeding, although, of course, the manipulations of the subject populations are not according to a "natural" process but rather, to the whims of the humans controlling access to breeding partners. On a related note, archeological (sp?) and geological evidence as to the age of the earth and the universe in which it exists is VERY consistent, repeated across the world and is so omnipresent as to be consistent with what is considered acceptable as proof of the theory. This evidence of the age of the earth also fits consistently with the evidence for evolution of species over the course of the time involved. 2 billion years is a VERY long time, long enough for processes that are very haphazard and slow to do a whole lot. Keep in mind that 2 billion years, roughly how long the earth has been cool enough to support organic chemistry, is 100 million human generations (assuming babies at age 20) and about a trillion microbe generations!
  2. glacier peak info please help

    I soloed the Sitkum route about 5 years ago and it was not difficult and the view from the top is great! Glacier is far enough back in the middle of the Cascades that you are surrounded by mountains. As MattP says, people USED to do this all the time because the trail in via Kennedy Hot Springs is completely gone as are the hotsprings themselves, the result of serious flooding a few years ago. If you are willing to make the longer approach, I would still recommend the Sitkum route, esp. late season, because the glacier is a small one and, even when broken up, isn't hard to navigate. However, bewaer of rockfall near the top because Glacier is a volcano and the rock is very loose.
  3. Best Album artwork

    Definitely Weasels Ripped my Flesh! also... In the Court of the Crimson King 10000 Days - I haven't seen that much effor in an album cover in years! Close to the Edge - the inner drawing Wish You Were Here - cool photos of Mono Lake
  4. [TR] Camp Muir - via Paradise 5/11/2008

    There's nothing quite like the light as you're hitting the top of the clouds and about to break through into sunlight! And looking out over a sea of clouds at the tops of Adams, St. Helen's, Hood, and Jefferson...
  5. Florida Voters Disenfranchised...

    Now there is a standard contradiction for you! "Decent" and "honorable" are not terms I would associtate with anything the democrats have done since FDR. Or the republicans - don't forget Nixon and the smirking chimp!
  6. republicans=cunts

    I think this is very insulting to "cunts", by which, I presume you mean women? perhaps republicans=steaming piles, or something like that...
  7. Best Country Albums of all Time

    This is a trick question, right?
  8. Bad Idea

    education isn't always pleasant at the time...

    Get the fuck out there, regardless of the weather! If I never did anything because it might rain (or will definitely rain), my life would be much more boring than it already is.
  10. Best Rock Albums of all time

    In addition to some of the above: machine head (yes, it's an album, not a band, in this case) dirt led zeppelin 1 ace of spades dark side of the moon sticky fingers ... I would require: aenima led zeppelin II are you experienced surrealistic pillow the doors absolutely live (check it out, the best doors) the downward spiral the muddy banks of the wishkah disraeli gears undertow cheap thrills then play on That's probably enough for now..
  11. Looking 4 My Dad

    I don't see the photos...
  12. Patellar Subluxation

    Are the mushrooms eaten or applied topically?
  13. Patellar Subluxation

    The chopat thing is a strap that goes across the patella to slightly compress the tendon just below the patella. This is supposed to have the effect of snugging up the tendon so the patella doesn't wander around while the knee is in motion - designed to relieve the standard runner's patella over use injury, but it might help here to keep things a bit tighter. You can google chopat. I tried one but I couldn't keep it in place while running - it kept wanting to wander down towards my ankle. If you can walk comfortably and have normal range of motion, Dr Layton's prescription is the right one. What is the "P", by the way?
  14. [TR] Sweet Renton Granite - 1/23/2008

    Did you suffer the same severe leaf balling problems in your crampons that we did?
  15. Stupidity with a climbing rope

    It looks like he may have learned something - his commment further down the page in the link states that he would do things differently if he were to do it again - by that, I think he means regarding protecting the rope from the edge. That edge was a pair of 45s rather than a 90 degree edge so you can guess what would happen on a big fall across, for example, a nice sharp flake.... It does give me a bit of comfort seeing that the kernel of the rope held together at all, given the forces it was subjected to.