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No hidden agenda or B.S. Just questions.


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Why I don't understand is why they don't send the acknowledged MOUNT HOOD SPEEDCLIMBING RECORD HOLDER up there to rescue the lost climbers. I mean this guy and his dog are so fast that no one can see them climb! He'd slip between the snowflakes, dodge the avalanches like Dash Incredible on meth, dig out the climbers and his wonder dog would guide them down the mountain, and no one would even be able to see him... why not?

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Why is Jonmf so full of shit?


I don't mean to be critical, and I really don't know what I am takling about, but has he ever pulled his head out of his ass?


I'm just asking a question.



I submitted your question to syndicated columnist Mann Glanders so that we might get some professional commentary on this.


Here's the response:


Dear Mr. "wave his pendulous belly for all to see" Phil,

Jonmf76 lives in his own little subjective world where he is the authority on all things "mountain", "freeze-dried", and "Gore-Tex". He hates climbers. They have the audacious temerity to suggest that his perception that his gigantic Oz-like head, from which all things worthy of consideration flow and sweet-scented flowers float like bubbles borne on a breeze, where he is the center of a sweet honey in the rock universe, is actually his self-delusional rendering of what the climbers see: he wears a rectum balaclava pulled down to his neck.


Don't curse him; thank the mountain gods for providing the entertainment.


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