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updated ghost river access


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This should be thumbtacked to the page top...


This reminds me of the my first (only) visit to the ghost...

I saw the most wicked Ice in the middle of the forest prior to the bighill... The entire forest was flooded with a lake of hockey rink-style ice... amazing sight...have a picture somewhere.


as the rest of the ghost...incredibly fantastic place that I look fwd to visiting again one day.

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Grassi lakes? Is that the main access to the river? Wicked Wanda, Fearfull, Rainbow all that steeze? I'm a bit of retard, never know where the hell I am. But I climbed Rainbow last year and I wanted to go back for Fearfull if it is in. Am I totally screwed? How about "The Real Big Drip?" Access Screwed up on that too?

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I was in the Ghost last week. Right now, driving in is easy but I would still recommend chains even for your 4wd rig. You can legally drive to the GBU wall in South Ghost and we also drove to the main parking area in North Ghost for access to Wanda, Mushroom, Sunshine/Aquarius, etc. It appears the big hill was graded so it is in excellent condition.


Issues remain on the table; for more information:






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Been to south ghost twice this week. Everything is in FAT. Saw Subaru Outbacks (Not that I'd want to bring one down there) at the Devil's Gap parking area. Most of the snow has blown away. North Ghost access is a bit iffy. The road's washed out less then a kilometer from the big hill. You can make it a little futher with clearance, but probably not worthwhile. I read it's an hour hike to GBU. Wanted to go back for Sorcerer, but from what I have gathered, North Ghost climbs aren't looking as healthy.


Here's a recap of conditions of routes we've encountered:


Wicked Wanda - 1st pitch fat and plastic, 2nd hard and techy and pretty much impossible to protect.


Malignant Mushroom - Fat, protects well, easy shape.


Sunshine - Super Fat


Aquarius - Easy picked out ladder with good pro.


Fearful Symmetry - Good gear, 4+/5- shape. Horizontal fracture midway but seemed solid enough.


Rainbow Serpent - Scary, mushroomed, wet, chandeliered and hard to protect... 5+/6- ?




Weathered Heights and Anorexia - Said to be quite fat.


Lacy Gibbets - No word yet, but may check it out this week.


Big Drip - Well, it's big. Spoke with a couple guys who gave it a go. Apparently the M7 "approach" pitches are quite the sandbag.


The Hooker, Joker, and Candlestick Maker are mentioned to be fat also.



Tons of Avi-free fun to be had in South Ghost.


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