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John Frieh

[TR] 1st Annual PDX Ice Festival- Portland Rock Gym 10/14/2006

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Climb: 1st Annual PDX Ice Festival-Portland Rock Gym


Date of Climb: 10/14/2006


Trip Report:

So yeah... Last August Marcus was talking about having a kegger/informal get together at my house to get the locals together and build some stoke for ice season and well... a few months and a lot of emails later here it is.... the first ever PDX Ice Festival.


By the numbers:

Over 100 attendees shocked.gif

32 competitors in 3 divisions cantfocus.gif

1 keg and 7 cases bigdrink.gif


This would not have happened if not for the efforts of:


Marcus Donaldson yoda.gif

Gary Rall & the crew @ PRG: Gary was kind enough to let us use his gym for free! HUGE! If you see him or Kenny make sure to thank him and let him know you'd be stoked if he let us do it again next year!

Roger Strong aka the nicest most humble perpetually stoked guy I know. And he is an okay climber too wink.gif

Mike Burns

Gavin Ferguson

Tony Brent

Mark Hauter

Mr Pink

Kellie Rice & the Access Fund

Darren Stone & the crew @ Climb Max

Jeremy & the crew @ US Outdoor

Kris & the crew @ OMC

Jerry & the crew @ Patagonia PDX

Katie Lax and Chris Potts & REI PDX

David Bryne & the Mazamas thumbs_up.gif

Doug Cameron & Full Sail Brewing bigdrink.gif

Daniel and Elisif Harro aka Team Harro!

Paul Robinson

McKenzie Troutt

Scott Anderson

Jason Stowers

Ian Kyle

Bill Coe

Troy Sexton

Everyone who took pictures or helped time climbers


Portland Rock Gym

Full Sail Brewing Company bigdrink.gif

Black Diamond





Climb Max

US Outdoor




Roca Ropes

Trader Joes




and most importantly you the members of the climbing community. Thanks to your efforts we raised 375.00 dollars for the Access Fund in addition to adding 4 new members to the Access Fund. Since the Detour Event at Smith Rock and the Reel Rock movie Event you the community has raised almost 1200.00 in donations and memeberships for the Access Fund. HUGE! rockband.gifthumbs_up.gifrockband.gifthumbs_up.gif


Extra big thanks to all of you that came from out of town (Jim, Matt and Jessie, Christian, Dave, Marcus, Mark and Cole Hauter, etc etc).


I know I totally forgot someone... my apologies! blush.gifblush.gifblush.gif


If would like to see this happen next year or would like to start drytooling locally on a regular basis give me a shout! See you out there! wazzup.gif


1st Annual PDX Ice Festival



Beer Garden



Nicest guy on the planet:






Kellie Rice: Access Fund Super Representative!



Current and future NW hardmen:





Women's Division:

Women’s/Newbie route:



Knottygirl cruising to a win in the wmn's division





Men's Division:

Men’s route:



Red Leader:

















Post any pics you have! wave.gifwazzup.gif

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YEOW! grin.gif

Once again guys....brilliant idea! Thanks so much it was a blast! Except damn! I may have found a new way to occupy my time..... wink.gif

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And oh yeah... my apologies to everyone that I either talked to for maybe 10 seconds before I ran off or not at all... I was hoping to get the chance to meet a lot of you but well... it was a little busy yellaf.gifwink.gif


Perhaps it's time for a PDX pub club??? wazzup.gif

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Unfortunately I would crush pretty much all of you at air hockey.


Nice job on the festival and thank you to PRG for removing that shitty 10- off the wall.


I'm surprised people below weren't wearing body armor and full face helmets to avoid being gaffed by falling hardware.

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Nice work John, you had been promoting that for a while. Wish I had been there.


BTW, where was that photo you posted from again.

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I don't remember the thread it was on, but you deleted the pic after a few of us started inquiring. It was of a nice granite tower, I guessed it might be near Stuart, someone said Finger of Fate (I doubt that). You PM'ed me about it.

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Current and future NW hardmen:



i think i've seen that guy in the red shirt before. evils3d.gif he's a bit of a gearhead if i remember correctly. wave.gif


looks like that was a fun event!!! are those routes really as tall as they look in the pics? thumbs_up.gif

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iain you may very well kick my ass on the airhockey table, but pms would crush you - with a makers mark in one hand at that. you are now forewarned.

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with a makers mark in one hand


Is there any other way to play? I thought this was sanctioned equipment. I'm a little out of form being off the tour for awhile.

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Now that my hangover is gone, I finally made the first descent into the basement bar to clean up the afterparty's refuse. I found a very chic Patagucci yellow-green wool-poly shirt. Although it could be the new Fall fashion that I have been looking for, I'll give it back if you call 971-409-5345.

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