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Onion Peak (coast range)


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Haven't been there but by the look of it i would guess it is just like most of the rock in the coast range; loose, rotten,dirty, and mossy.

Speaking of oregon coast range rock. Does anyone have any info or climbed on the dike with the rapple slings in view from the about half way up the Saddle mtn trail? The rock on that looked really good compared to other coast crap... none of the stuff i climbed pulled off in my hands which is a good sign. where the red circle on the attacted pic is where the the slings were.


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The Mrs. and I took the walk up Saddle mountain yesterday. I actually didn't notice the slings, but I did think that some of the rock looked more solid than typical coast range. At least the formations I was looking at didn't have much debris at the bases. I'd be interested in some info too, just from a little curiosity/adventure standpoint. With solid rock (and less moss) that slot near the top could have a cool line or two as well.

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That chunk of rock caught my eye a few years ago. I did a little research back then and found that the approach was on private logging land (can't remember if it was Stimson of Weyer) so I left it be.


There are a number of TR's on OregonHikers.org from folks hiking up that way in recent years and at cursory glance there is nothing about "No Trespassing" signs.


shapp, I would be curious to check it out if you get the go. I have been told the view is quite nice.

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