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Call for Submissions - NWMJ 2005


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Call for Submissions - Northwest Mountaineering Journal, 2005


In summer 2004, The Mountaineers, in collaboration with volunteers from the Northwest mountaineering community, launched the Northwest Mountaineering Journal (NWMJ). The mission of this journal is to be an edited, permanent, annual record of mountaineering in the Pacific Northwest. The journal documents the events, people, history and spirit of climbing and other mountain sports in this region. The NWMJ is published free on the World-Wide Web. Issue 1 can be found at:






The NWMJ editorial team is now accepting submissions for Issue 2, to be published on Memorial Day, 2005. The deadline for submissions is March 1, 2005. Submission guidelines can be found on-line at:




The NWMJ covers all aspects of mountaineering in the Pacific Northwest, from high alpine climbing to lowland rock and ice climbing to ski mountaineering. New route reports, historical or research articles, profiles of interesting people, and land use and access issues are all appropriate topics for the journal. Also welcome are pieces that capture a timely or timeless aspect of Northwest mountaineering, regardless of whether they describe a pioneering climb or historic event.


If you are uncertain of whether your article is appropriate for the journal, please send a query describing your idea to the editorial team. Send queries and submissions by e-mail to "submissions@nwmj.org".


--The Editorial Team

Northwest Mountaineering Journal


Ralph Bodenner

Dave Burdick

Steve Firebaugh

Paul Klenke

Alex Krawarik

Matt Perkins

Lowell Skoog

Gary Yngve

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This is a reminder that the deadline for submissions to the 2005 Northwest Mountaineering Journal is March 1, 2005. Feature articles and short reports for the 2004 calendar year should be submitted to the editorial team at "submissions@nwmj.org".


LATE BREAKING NEWS: Since the winter season ends around March 21, we will accept short reports of new 2005 winter climbs until March 31, 2005.

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Just a random note - but if anyone has the time and inspiration I think that brief historical biographies of significant PNW climbers would make a great addition to the NWMJ. Folks along the lines of the the elder Mahre, and many others.


That's a great idea, Jay. If somebody wanted to write short biographies of noteworthy climbers, it would be especially interesting to discuss groups of climbers and how they have formed, changed, and influenced the region. I think you suggested something like this many months ago. Stories have been written about the Ptarmigans and the Sherpas, but there are lots of other groups that have come and gone, and it would be interesting to hear about them. Like the Ballard Alpine Club--now there's a hard-core group! wink.gif


I hope to continue writing something for each NWMJ issue. Right now I'm most interested in detailed profiles of significant climbers (like Wolf Bauer). But there's room for other stuff on the journal and I'd sure love to see more people contribute!

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Others who have been around longer than myself would obviously know more about this - but from reading through various publications like the AAJ, FA info in guidebooks, and elsewhere it seems like there have definitely been some group dynamics at work in determining what got climbed and when.


Although others - like yourself and Harry Majors and many more would know better than I - there are definitely some periods come to mind when the topic "eras" in cascades climbing comes up. It seems like theres a late 50s/early to mid 60's era involving Cooper/Beckey and others, a late 60's-early-to-mid 70's ear involving Wickwire and others, a mini-era with in the late 70's where people took the clean ethic and transplanted it to the mountains - and then a mid-80's (?) era where you, your brothers, Mark Bebie, Jim Nelson and many more really got after it. This is completely conjecture on my part, but it seems like the internet has catalyzed something similar in the past few years, where highly motivated people all over the region can connect with others who have similar goals, rather than relying upon good fortune to bring them into contact with the right people.


Anyhow - this may be a topic for another thread, but I'd be really be interested in hearing more about this idea of groups/eras from people who actually know what they are talking about

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Is there another issue due out at any particular time?


Yes! We are busily at work on the 2006 issue. Things have been delayed because all of our volunteer team members seem to be busier this year than in the past. We also had a delay due to The Mountaineers rehosting their website (which is where the NWMJ lives).


So, we're later than we'd like to be. But we hope to have it out before summer is over, which is what we promised when we said the issue would be published in "Summer 2006".


I hope you will find the 2006 NWMJ worth the wait.

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