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Shoe Bomber Sues Prison


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Fuck this asshole, suing the prison because he can't see out of his window cry.gif and is cut off from print and broadcast media and outside communication. Hello? Asshole?! You're serving life for trying to commit mass murder. You don't get "rights".


I got a real simple solution: Execute this shithead.




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Reminds me of Tre Arrow, enviro-terrorist who is awaiting extradition to the USA while in a BC prison. He is filing a lawsuit because he is unhappy with the cooked food that the prison menu offers. Apparently he has gone from 140 lbs, down to 85 lbs! He too cites his "religion" as the basis for required special treatment.


Prisoners these days! rolleyes.gif

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yah know i expect this kinda of thinking from such a wackcase but, what the hell do the lawyers who will most likely be on his side think. i mean i know its all about money and all but seriously...what the fuk???


And people wonder why mother earth is pissed...she is just trying to rid herself on the cancer she can't seem to shake off.

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