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  1. Pooping at work. Outside.

    To the guy who crapped in my parking stall last night....
  2. More Troops in Iraq

    duplicate post deleted
  3. More Troops in Iraq

    Speak for yourself. I vote person and ideals, not party. If that turns out to be one party more than another, then so be it, but party rarely, if ever, enters into it. I don't see voting for the person that reflects my views and ideals as throwing away my vote, even if I'm the only person that voted for him/her. Otherwise I'd be sanctioning things I don't believe, just to try to pick the winner. Now that's a wasted vote.
  4. Quarantine the Fat!!!!

    I like the "yo mama" lines better. Yo mama so fat it takes her two trips to haul ass.
  5. Score one for Fairweather

    We've got plenty of million dollar homes right here in the Seattle area. So the people living in them are all selfish too then?
  6. Tree Butcher

    I've heard that hemlocks are pretty vulnerable to disease and are usually removed because of this. No idea how accurate that is. Shame, because they are beautiful trees. So if a tree in my front yard falls on my neighbor's house/car/fence because of no fault of my own (i.e. wind, not neglicence) am I liable for the damages?
  7. Tree Butcher

    Your grass is turning black theres no water in your well You spent your last dollar on seven shotgun shells ?
  8. Tree Butcher

    My landlord repeatedly mentioned wanting to cut down the 50+ year old atlas cedar in my front yard because it "was killing the grass". No idea why he treasures grass over trees, particularly one this old. He seems to have changed his mind after I told him it not only added around $5k to the property value and would cost him at least that much to have it cut down (it's huge), but it served as the only shade for the house in summer -- and I'd move if he cut it.
  9. Neolojisms

  10. Buying a concealed weapon, what's your flavor?

    I haven't tried the Glock 26, but I like the Glock 19, 9mm as well. Dunno about ankle carry, though. I took the handgun class at Wade's in Bellevue and it was
  11. Funny Site

    Best slogans on the Internet: T-Shirt Hell
  12. Best names for bands!!!

    X's For Eyes Skanking Pickle Alabama Thunderpussy