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Looking for Shuksan approach beta


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Sulfide could be a long haul in mid winter, esp. with the amount of low level snow we have add. That could add several miles on roads; not sure if you care or not. Sulfide would probably be more straight forward in terms of less avalanche prone terrain, but there are definitely plenty of areas in that approach to get yourself in trouble as well.


A couple of years ago a partner and I dug a pit and continued over a suspect slope during cool weather. Two days later, upon heading down, the slope had slid due to the warmer days...

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Depending on what you are looking for, the Sulphide may in fact be a much better choice. If it is only two to three extra miles to the trailhead, this will be on a logging road and will take you 45 minutes. Overall, the Sulphide is both safer and easier, so much so that this makes up for the longer distance and I bet it won't actually take you longer to climb that way. The approach to the north side routes can be quite difficult for how short it actually is, due to brush and massive piles of avalanche debris that tower as much as a hundred feet high, and the noth facing snow is almost always going to be deeper and more difficult to beat a trail through. When you get to the moutnain the upper half of the White Salmon Glacier is actually fairly steep - too steep for an intermediate level skier - and also frequently covered with avalanche debris. It can be a great ski run, and if you are looking for powder that is where I wuld go, but I believe that most parties who climb via any of the north side routes in the winter do not summit, whereas I bet most parties who opt for the Sulphide do.

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