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High Altitude Camp


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Where's the best place to go to spend the night at altitude on a weekend? Has to be a one day hike with no glacier travel. I was thinking of doing The South Spur of Adams. camp at 9400 with a summit at just over 12. Will it be crazy busy over the weekend? Can you get away with not having crampons (i have em, friend doesn't)?


The other thight is Camp Muir, but I'm guessing that'll be packed.


Also, do either of these require a 4 season tent? I have a 3 seasen sierra designs clip light.


Any thoughts?





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I'd opt for Adams, it should be less of a zoo than Muir and you can summit without crossing a glacier. A total newbie will be much more comfortable on this terrain.


As long as you don't encounter a blizzard with a lot of blowing snow, your tent will be fine. Just remember to guy it out good and collapse it (take the poles out) when you head for the summit so it wont get caught in a gust and blow down the mountain.


You can do Adams without crampons, I imagine many folks will be up there in tennis shoes this weekend. I would bring the crampons if you have them though. At least bring an ice axe each, it's helpful to have on some of the steeper slopes.


Have fun!

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ncascademtns said:

Dan_Harris said:

Took my own advice. Saturday night at the Barcroft gate with some home brewed stouts. Sunday morning a nice 15 mile round trip to a 14,246 ft. summit. bigdrink.gifbigdrink.gifbigdrink.gifthumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gif


Excellent! thumbs_up.gif

I guess that beats the Whitney Portal. Stay up there for a month and ship you straight to Nepal. grin.gif

I'm cheap and poor. grin.gif Someone provide the funds and bigdrink.gif and I'm there. laugh.gif

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