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Mtn Loop Hwy


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Talked to a local shop yesterday: The guy said the gate is closed on the Silverton side (a few miles from Big 4) and there's a "road closed" sign at the Darrington end. He said you could drive around the sign no problem, but he didn't know how far up you could get.

That's the latest...

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They may plow early in the winter, but once the snow really starts flying they just kick back and watch it pile up. Deer Creek is where the road usually officially "ends", I don't think it's gated, they just put up some cones and a sign or something. And they take their time in the spring, too, usually let it melt out most of the way before they plow. I can remember not being able to drive out to Barlow Pass until June or July in a recent year. [Wazzup]

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