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RIP Matt Primomo


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I never met Matt but appreciated his work in the ESN forecast area.  The few emails I shared with him regard observation reports were always pleasant.  My thoughts to the NWAC, Leavenworth and other communities that are missing him.

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Immediately following NWAC's announcement of the news, several obituaries (one linked above) appeared. As those seemed to conflate the NWAC announcement and some other unrelated sources, it seems like they may have been automatically generated.

Now that it has been confirmed by multiple news sources that the cause was a climbing accident and not a crash, I'm reasonably certain that this is the case.  Why someone would use an LLM to generate an obituary is unclear to me, but it is definitely the case that a lot of people (myself included) will click through on everything when there's a news-vacuum.

Updated news from authoritative sources:



Finally, here's the link to the family's GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/f/supporting-stella-and-milo   

Our thoughts are with his family, friends, and everyone at NWAC.

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I’m really sorry to hear of this, I did not know the deceased but I can tell you that obituary reposting (even if inaccurate) is a full on cottage industry. I read an article a while back about it. Definitely a dark corner of the internet IMO. I’ll probably remove Jason’s link soon because it has a scammy fake virus pop up. Don’t click on it or believe it!

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Matt was a good forecaster and I am sure a very talented individual. Its a sad deal in many aspects. Never knew about crap like that on the internet, I appreciate you guys sharing.


I hope the NWAC Family is getting time to process this tragic event.

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