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Ice Equipment Sharpening and Gear Repair


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I started my business High Mountain Gear And Repair in Seattle last year repairing textiles and outdoor equipment. I have since expanded to creating my own outdoor equipment, crag development products, and Ice Equipment Sharpening Service! I have a studio in Ballard, and currently the turn around for Sharpening Services are 1-4 days turn around. If you have equipment that needs repaired, or custom ideas needing made, I work at a reasonable $30/hr. I work on lightweight and heavy duty fabrics including leather, and have a lot of fabric available for sale by the yard for your own usage.

Please check out my website at High Mountain Gear And Repair or my instagram page at @highmtngearnrepair to see my current offerings of products and services.

Sharpening Prices

Set Of Crampons $40
Crampon Front Point $5
Ice Pick $7
Standard Steel Screw $9
Cut Throat Steel and Aluminum Screws $17
Lettering $1 per letter


Kyle Willis

High Mountain Gear And Repair

1425 Broadway #475

Seattle, WA










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local and custom reslinging of cams would be a great niche to get into.  Lots of more rock climbers around than ice climbers.  Local work would incentivize more frequent sling replacement.   (instead of waiting 10 years to finally get around to it)

But yeah, expense and liability are a concern I bet.


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Sewing things together for strength isn’t as complicated as you would think, in addition to stitches not needing to be perfectly formed to fall within the 1.5X strength per stitch calculation. Bar tacks aren’t even the strongest format for stitches, but they are the fastest and cleanest. If I sew something I don’t want to drop, I use a big zig zag on a straight stitch machine. 

Anyways, I have my hands in too many cookie jars as it is, I don’t need a bartacker. A patching machine would be more convenient.  

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