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  1. Hi , I am Interested in these. What boot size were the Scarpas you wore them with? Thanks Sujay
  2. For me Brynje base layers with a Polartec Alpha jacket works as the best combination for high output winter activity.
  3. Most welcome! Hope you find it. Cheers!
  4. Gearexpress has a couple of models of the "Safe Tech".http://www.gearexpress.com/metolius-safe-tech-mens-deluxe-harness.html
  5. These skis come with two binding options- universal that will fit any boot and 3 pin bindings. Voile also sells a cable accessory for the 3 pin binding https://us-store.altaiskis.com/product/hok-ski-updated-2016/
  6. Did you skin up, trailhead to Lake ? We had to switch to snow shoes as the trail was too narrow for our skis.
  7. Spectacular photos and video ! Thanks for sharing, also deep respect for your spirit of adventure to pull this off solo. Cheers!
  8. G- spotter, the links make for fascinating reading, thank you!
  9. Many thanks G-spotter and Jon for the insights.Very educational, thank you.
  10. Thanks for the input Jason,will try the Monos next time.
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