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  1. for sale Forty Below Purple Haze Overboots

    Hi , I am Interested in these. What boot size were the Scarpas you wore them with? Thanks Sujay
  2. idea Let's talk clothing systems.

    For me Brynje base layers with a Polartec Alpha jacket works as the best combination for high output winter activity.
  3. Looking for specific harness...

    Most welcome! Hope you find it. Cheers!
  4. Looking for specific harness...

    Gearexpress has a couple of models of the "Safe Tech".http://www.gearexpress.com/metolius-safe-tech-mens-deluxe-harness.html
  5. idea Cable bindings for Mountaineering Boots

    These skis come with two binding options- universal that will fit any boot and 3 pin bindings. Voile also sells a cable accessory for the 3 pin binding https://us-store.altaiskis.com/product/hok-ski-updated-2016/
  6. Nice going guys! And thanks for an excellent TR. I can hear a bunch of files rasping in the audience.
  7. [TR] Alpine Lakes - NBC - Colchuck Peak 01/28/2019

    Did you skin up, trailhead to Lake ? We had to switch to snow shoes as the trail was too narrow for our skis.
  8. Spectacular photos and video ! Thanks for sharing, also deep respect for your spirit of adventure to pull this off solo. Cheers!
  9. Ice density in crevasses on the Coleman Glacier

    G- spotter, the links make for fascinating reading, thank you!
  10. Ice density in crevasses on the Coleman Glacier

    Many thanks G-spotter and Jon for the insights.Very educational, thank you.
  11. Ice density in crevasses on the Coleman Glacier

    Many thanks G-Spotter. That's a lovely pic !
  12. Ice density in crevasses on the Coleman Glacier

    Thanks for the input Jason,will try the Monos next time.