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Ice Axe transportation

Loco Raindrops

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Hey folks. Time for me to drive you all batty with my overly inquisitive self again. ;)

So, I have decided to take a train from Pa. to Washington for my Rainier experience. 

I think the scenery along the way will be awesome. 

Any suggestions or tricks you all have on how to protect the pick, adze, and spike from gnawing on my other gear while on this multiple 1000 mile foray into the the PNW while in my duffle?

Im using a Cassin crampon pouch bag thingamabobber for my spikes.

As always thanks in advance. 


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Just now, JasonG said:

I was looking at the Grivel protectors but was leery because they dont actually cover the teeth on the pick. This may be a non-issue being I just dont know any better and too much assumption on my end and always analyzing things from worse case potential. 

I was thinking of possibly using foam pipe insulation that is used for HVAC.

Feel free to tell me I am over thinking this at any time lol. 

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1 minute ago, Loco Raindrops said:

Feel free to tell me I am over thinking

Yes you are.  Cardboard or the standard Grivel guards will be more than sufficient.  I typically pack the axe first on the bottom of the duffel with my ski poles and pickets and whatever else that is long and metal.  All that crap made it to NZ and back without damage in the belly of the beast. 

The key is having a robust duffel.  I recommend these: https://www.mec.ca/en/product/5044-007/Duffle-Bag

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Another option is to get some like 1” inside diameter clear flexible tubing from the hardware store and shove a 6” piece of that over the pick and teeth.  Just make sure you take it off before it gets cold outside as the tubing gets harder in the cold and can get stuck in there.

cardboard and tape is just about free though and works!  I also pack on the bottom of my duffel, pick flat against the bottom.  

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