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  1. review Sleeping bag for the cascades

    Surprised Valandre bags dont get a nod.
  2. So, Ive been a backpacker the majority of my life with some climbing many years ago. In the process of upgrading my kit and am on the hunt for a new pack. I have been an Osprey die hard for years. Their pack geometry fits me. I also own many packs but I see the sense in a streamlined pack for above treeline endeavors. I actually tested a few pre production models for them before they hit the shelves over the years I like that you can really strip the Aether pro(top lid/flap, removable side pockets....) But the HMG is stripped from the gate and everything I have seen on the HMG is solid. Plus its waterproof so... My thought is the Aether Pro may be a bit more usable being I can also use it for backpacking being it has "some" features and not just an alpine pack. I have held the Pro, tried it on, blah blah blah. Nowhere near me to see the HMG pack. I also know that the back panel on the HMG isnt very breathable from all accounts which makes sense looking at the design Any thoughts here from real world use between the 2?
  3. Suggestions on where to live

    I would love to live out that way. But.... Plus Im too old and cranky to share a spot plus I have a wife so lol. Definitely a bit more costly out that way tho.
  4. Suggestions on where to live

    $4200 a month? Holy f@$k. I thought Pittsburgh was pricey but you pay half for what ya get there here. Sorry, damn near choked on my coffee when I saw that and had to respond. Sheesh. I own 9 properties that I rent 3 of which are multi bedroom houses with yards and I would never be able to rent them at that. Is the cost of living really that high out that way?
  5. Climbing Rainier with RMI(5 day)

    Yeah, Ive been a backpacker for 30yrs+. I do a lot of late/deep winter solos here in the NE. Typically a week at the min but normally 2 or more. Pack weight is heavy being I dont do resupply points. If its that bad I drag a sled while on snowshoes. Summer I typically have a pulaski and other tools strapped to my pack. I have no doubt I can handle the terrain and the effort. I am a little worried about elevation being I havent been above 6000ft in years and lets be honest. ....nothing much here in the east. But I think I should be fine. Gonna spend some extra time in Ashford and do a mad dash to Muir a few days in advance then back down to Ashford til we embark on our trip.
  6. Mid/late June footwear

    1st issue is I have no idea how you would reconnect a new cable where the single arrow is pointing then after that how do you get down into the side where the 2 arrows are pointing to run thru the threader in that area.
  7. Mid/late June footwear

    I meant the super gaiter/overboots for future endeavors when needed(Denali, etc.) Im not sure what would have to happen on Rainier for me to need overboots on top of the G2s but whatever it is I doubt I would want to be up there when it did lol. I like the g2. Seems I am on the cusp on size so have to go up to a 46.5 from a 46. The G2 definitely runs small. Volume is good though. My cubes fit in a 46. No toe bang, nodda. The G2s if I force my foot I can press my toes against the front of the boot. Only thing that worries me on the G2 is from the design if the lower boa goes its gonna be a sob to replace it. Maybe there is a trick to it but from what I see just to reroute it is gonna be a severe pita.
  8. Mid/late June footwear

    Im gonna keep the Cubes so between them and the G2 I should be covered. I will pick up a pair of overboots/super gaiters when needed. Trying to sort out the pros v. cons between super gaiters and overboots. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Mid/late June footwear

    Lol. Im just well insulated.
  10. Mid/late June footwear

    Thats what I was thinking with the G2. I also want to run Cotopaxi, Blanc, the Matterhorn and a few other objectives so they will give me some flexibility. The more and more I think on it too much boot isnt a bad thing. Yeah, might be warm but weighed against the option of being too cold I will happily embrace it lol. Plus I have fat feet so I can afford to sweat a little weight off.
  11. Mid/late June footwear

    I have luck with Sportiva fit. My Pamirs, Lhotses, Cubes... all fit without a quibble. Granted I have various volumes of SF insoles to tweak footwear fit but nevertheless. For $637 I had no problem pulling the trigger on the G2s. Will run them on Rainier in June for the seminar. If my feet are a lill warm oh well. Plus they will serve me well further down. When I sat back and thought on it it makes sense. If I dont buy them now I will most certainly buy them later so may as well get it over with. Was a lil wigged out on the potential for boa failure but from what I have heard those who have had issue done so when the boot was early to the market. I will carry a kit regardless.
  12. Mid/late June footwear

    Gear is such a pita lol
  13. Mid/late June footwear

    Just ordered a pair of g2 sms lol. May be a little warm for June on Rainier but will work for Denali which is a goal. If they tell me these arent sufficient for Rainier I quit lol. Im blaming DPS for my purchase. Thats what I told the wife. "DPS told me to do it." I got them for $637 so not much more than the cubes.
  14. Mid/late June footwear

    All of my leather gets treated with either Obenaufs LP or Watershield. LP + a hairdryer can minimize leather absorbing water tremendously. In all seriousness if I need to pick up a new pair of boots just for this Rainier trip Im just gonna go climb Blanc. ....for the cost I may as well lol. Ive done fine in temps colder than anything I would encounter up there. Like I said 35yrs+ and subjected to some very cold temps for extended periods and no immediate bail out option. You subject yourself to enough of those types of forays you learn what works and what doesnt quick. Take away altitude cold is cold regardless of terrain. Leather sucks up moisture? Treat the leather so it doesnt. Sweat issues? Thats what vbl liners are for. If the gtx membrane works as it should then water should not impede from the outside to the inside. Ive worked construction sites for years in my Danner Super Rain Forests in really wet muddy weather and in the 8yrs and 2 resoles I have owned them not 1 time did they wet out on the inner nor did the leather suck up moisture. I think the thing is some dont deal with their leather, it sucks up moisture, which results in the boots not breathing which results in soaked feet. Been there lol. I know high alpine sheep hunters who deal with gnarly weather and they dont wear doubles. Heck people have climbed in full leather Super Guides for years. ...some still do. I hate plastics with a passion lol. So much that if this trip requires them I will do something else.
  15. Mid/late June footwear

    My only rule is I wont do summer because you can always put enough on but you cant always take enough off plus humidity out here is bonkers. Doubt folks want to pass me in my happy hippie hiking suit. I did a solo awhile back. Covered 115 miles over 12 days. It rained 11 of the 12 and my feet stayed dry. The trail was to the point where it was a small stream with white caps. People were messaging me saying I was nuts. I had to put my gaiters on because the flow as time went on would have overtaken my boots amd flooded me out. I prolly could have used a packraft lol. It was a record rainfall. I have pics of the trail somehwere. If I can stay dry in that scenario in a pair of leathers then why couldnt I on Rainier? Is late June postholing season out that way?