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  1. Think that has branched off to other parts of the country. My seminar was scheduled for May 24th. The svc I was going up Rainier with canned all climbs from June 3rd back with optimism that they may be back out there on June 4th.
  2. I was speaking in terms of here in the Northeast. I am a trail maintainer.
  3. My Rainier climb/seminar late May(24th-30th)got cancelled and I'm not even mad. I feel bad for the small businesses taking a hit and those who actually catch the virus. Mountain will always be there. Rainier will just get pushed back to 2021 then barring any "hiccups" I will be on Kahiltna glacier 2022. Here in the northeast they even closed the trails for backpacking. Dayhiking only.
  4. I just realized Wild Things doesnt make the stuff they once did. I had a make your own design awhile back from them. Sheesh I am way out of touch.
  5. Found a feed from a bit back lol. Guess Im not the only one.
  6. Anyone here have a Grivel ice axe with an easy slider on it? If so is your slider like super easy to bump out of position while "locked" towards the top of your axe? When I have mine up top if I breath on it wrong it falls down the shaft. This seems like it would be really annoying on lower angle terrain where you want it out of the way. I tried looking for a US support link for Grivel to bug them and nodda. So I came up with a temp solution with some shock cord I had laying around, running it through the loop where the leash attaches to the slider, and when I want the slider in the top position I loop it around adze as seen in the photos below. Is it supposed to slide that easy? I mean yeah I get "Easy Slider" but this seems a bit overboard. Are there any cons you can foresee in regards to my solution? Only other option I can see is to remove it all together and run the leash through the biner cutout in the pick/down around the handle as many do with a standard leash.
  7. Thanks for that suggestion MtnBoy. I could see that working as well.
  8. Thanks man. A lot of this is foriegn to me and I hate feeling like a pain in the ass with all of the questions but really not anyone else to ask.
  9. I was looking at the Grivel protectors but was leery because they dont actually cover the teeth on the pick. This may be a non-issue being I just dont know any better and too much assumption on my end and always analyzing things from worse case potential. I was thinking of possibly using foam pipe insulation that is used for HVAC. Feel free to tell me I am over thinking this at any time lol.
  10. Hey folks. Time for me to drive you all batty with my overly inquisitive self again. So, I have decided to take a train from Pa. to Washington for my Rainier experience. I think the scenery along the way will be awesome. Any suggestions or tricks you all have on how to protect the pick, adze, and spike from gnawing on my other gear while on this multiple 1000 mile foray into the the PNW while in my duffle? Im using a Cassin crampon pouch bag thingamabobber for my spikes. As always thanks in advance.
  11. Ive seen good feedback on the Perch and it has been one of 3 that I am considering. Not familiar with the Chaos so thanks for the mention. Will definitely check it out.
  12. We have the same thing here with REI. A lot is more geared towards the urban commuter. I rarely go there unless I need someting in a pinch.
  13. We dont have much here outside of REI for outdoor gear. I cant even look at a pair of mountaineering boots unless I make a 4hr drive. Sucks.
  14. I figured as much. I didnt think there were many fixed lines on the DC. So, justified to bring in your opinion or more of a burden due to the weight? I figured I can also use a prusik to hang my bear bag somewhere on route not so much for bears but for penguins and rogue Sleestaks.
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