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  1. Mid/late June footwear

    Im gonna keep the Cubes so between them and the G2 I should be covered. I will pick up a pair of overboots/super gaiters when needed. Trying to sort out the pros v. cons between super gaiters and overboots. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Mid/late June footwear

    Lol. Im just well insulated.
  3. Mid/late June footwear

    Thats what I was thinking with the G2. I also want to run Cotopaxi, Blanc, the Matterhorn and a few other objectives so they will give me some flexibility. The more and more I think on it too much boot isnt a bad thing. Yeah, might be warm but weighed against the option of being too cold I will happily embrace it lol. Plus I have fat feet so I can afford to sweat a little weight off.
  4. Mid/late June footwear

    I have luck with Sportiva fit. My Pamirs, Lhotses, Cubes... all fit without a quibble. Granted I have various volumes of SF insoles to tweak footwear fit but nevertheless. For $637 I had no problem pulling the trigger on the G2s. Will run them on Rainier in June for the seminar. If my feet are a lill warm oh well. Plus they will serve me well further down. When I sat back and thought on it it makes sense. If I dont buy them now I will most certainly buy them later so may as well get it over with. Was a lil wigged out on the potential for boa failure but from what I have heard those who have had issue done so when the boot was early to the market. I will carry a kit regardless.
  5. Mid/late June footwear

    Gear is such a pita lol
  6. Mid/late June footwear

    Just ordered a pair of g2 sms lol. May be a little warm for June on Rainier but will work for Denali which is a goal. If they tell me these arent sufficient for Rainier I quit lol. Im blaming DPS for my purchase. Thats what I told the wife. "DPS told me to do it." I got them for $637 so not much more than the cubes.
  7. Mid/late June footwear

    All of my leather gets treated with either Obenaufs LP or Watershield. LP + a hairdryer can minimize leather absorbing water tremendously. In all seriousness if I need to pick up a new pair of boots just for this Rainier trip Im just gonna go climb Blanc. ....for the cost I may as well lol. Ive done fine in temps colder than anything I would encounter up there. Like I said 35yrs+ and subjected to some very cold temps for extended periods and no immediate bail out option. You subject yourself to enough of those types of forays you learn what works and what doesnt quick. Take away altitude cold is cold regardless of terrain. Leather sucks up moisture? Treat the leather so it doesnt. Sweat issues? Thats what vbl liners are for. If the gtx membrane works as it should then water should not impede from the outside to the inside. Ive worked construction sites for years in my Danner Super Rain Forests in really wet muddy weather and in the 8yrs and 2 resoles I have owned them not 1 time did they wet out on the inner nor did the leather suck up moisture. I think the thing is some dont deal with their leather, it sucks up moisture, which results in the boots not breathing which results in soaked feet. Been there lol. I know high alpine sheep hunters who deal with gnarly weather and they dont wear doubles. Heck people have climbed in full leather Super Guides for years. ...some still do. I hate plastics with a passion lol. So much that if this trip requires them I will do something else.
  8. Mid/late June footwear

    My only rule is I wont do summer because you can always put enough on but you cant always take enough off plus humidity out here is bonkers. Doubt folks want to pass me in my happy hippie hiking suit. I did a solo awhile back. Covered 115 miles over 12 days. It rained 11 of the 12 and my feet stayed dry. The trail was to the point where it was a small stream with white caps. People were messaging me saying I was nuts. I had to put my gaiters on because the flow as time went on would have overtaken my boots amd flooded me out. I prolly could have used a packraft lol. It was a record rainfall. I have pics of the trail somehwere. If I can stay dry in that scenario in a pair of leathers then why couldnt I on Rainier? Is late June postholing season out that way?
  9. Mid/late June footwear

    Im not renting due to an experience I had a bit back with a foot fungus I acquired with a pair of rentals. Took a very very long time to get rid of it. I will deep6 Rainier completely b4 I go that route and expose myself to that potential again. Im also not sure buying a pair of G2s is worthwhile for me. I live in Pa so...
  10. Mid/late June footwear

    So figured I would throw out another question for you all. I have settled on a 6 day seminar on Rainier with RMI due to my actually getting something from it from a learning perspective outside of just tromping up the ridge. Most likely am gonna try to get as late a June date as possible when dates are released in September 2019. Options are May, June, and September. Ive been reading various feeds about footwear and so many have said use doubles but I have used singles in some cold weather here in the NE with vbl liners and a sock system. I know the pro to doubles is bring the liners in with ya at night for obvious reasons. I do this with my Baffin Borealis boots which I snowshoe in. I just replaced my old worn out La Sportivas with the 2019 Cube which is pretty much just a cosmetic update from the previous variation for the most part. ....oh and a bump in msrp lol. So my question. Are vbl liners ever used out that way to alleviate sweat build up in singles in the seasons outside of July/Aug(peak.) Do you feel that my approach makes sense? Im carrying over a little of my deep winter backpacking/snowshoeing experience to this endeavor. Im not a fan of doubles but feel they have their purpose when warranted. Just not sure this really is one. I have a pair of Lenz socks in a pinch that I use when windchills hit -20°f out this way or colder. Not sure they would make much sense out there. Thanks for any feedback in advance. (Attached the setup as far as boots and crampons go for Rainier) ....at least what I am intending on using. So, does the vbl make sense with a single boot for June? Or am I looking at doubles?
  11. Climbing Rainier with RMI(5 day)

    4 gallons? Thats what I tote for a dayhike.
  12. Climbing Rainier with RMI(5 day)

    I wonder if folks actually show up to these guided trips/seminars with rope. I bet some of the stories of what some bring are hilarious. I'm reading a book on the Hood tragedy that was written by Karen James. Apparently she brought a butane hair curler on one climb.
  13. Rainier- Kautz vs Emmons route

    Just a fyi, I did a bit of glacier travel many years back while in Alaska. Im not new to crampon use either. I currently own a pair of g20 autos, and a pair of Air Techs(steel semis) which will be what I most likely use on Rainier. I play on ice any chance I get. Obviously I am pretty much sol on Pa glacier travel. Just wanted to clarify a bit.
  14. Rainier- Kautz vs Emmons route

    The climb is going to be a dual purpose trip being I am also meeting family out there so if not for that I prolly would consider Baker. I have 30yrs of wilderness death marches under my belt. Trust me, there is a reason I want to get above treeline lol. I do trail maintenance out here in the east. I really need some new scenery and at this point even a desert seems quite appealing. I would go with July-Aug but the problem is the seminars thru RMI are either in June or September. I am staying at the cottages in Ashford so Im really trying to keep it simple regardless. I climbed around on rock and other stuff out this way growing up but its been so long Im a noob as far as I am concerned. Im taking courses here at the local climbing gym here in Pittsburgh. Every little bit helps I would think and I should be able to get in a lot of time on the ropes leading to 2020. If nothing else I hope to just have a leg up when I get out to Paradise. Gonna do a run up Mt Washington this winter and possibly throw a trip to the Adirondaks into the mix. Its all about the journey. I feel like a kid on Christmas already and Im a year away lol.
  15. Rainier- Kautz vs Emmons route

    I get it man and I do really appreciate it. I figured as with anything like this there are pros and cons. There are always tradeoffs. I just want to get dialed in as best I can and who better for me to harass for info than you all? 😁