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FA Wind Walker Columbia Gorge

Peter Way

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Cape Horn Columbia Gorge.

Take Cape Horn road, off Hwy 14, to the end (gate). Continue walking down the road (this is a private drive way) to the rail line. Follow the rail line west, down stream, (this is BNSF private property). Approximately 100 yards short of the rail tunnel, the climb can be found on a cliff band 50 yards up and above the rail.



50m WI4

The first 10 meters lays back a bit, then sustained WI4 to the top. The ice ends in frozen brush. 5 meters through the brush to a rap tree.

The water weeps out of the tree line above the cliff and is not associated with a major drainage.


This climb was repeated today by Yeman, Andreu, Tohper and Jeff.

The name Wind Walker seemed appropriate given the 60mph wind gusts we were climbing in.


The Gorge ice right now is in better shape than most people can remember.

Yeman and I also climbed Nancy's Run today, in awesome shape.

Tomorrow may its last day.




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Sure looks and sounds a lot like a climb sean beanntan and I got 10 years ago. My photo records indicate 1/16/2007, which would be 10 years to the day :tup:


We hiked down the trail from where the west trail tunnel now resides. Climbed and topped out back at the car.







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