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[TR] Teebone Ridge-Traverse - Little Devil, Baksit, Big Devil, Trapezoid 9/11/2016


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On 10/19/2016 at 3:39 PM, JasonG said:

Thanks guys, glad you like the photos. I'm probably not that close to a coffee table book, but appreciate the sentiment. No way that I'm going to compete with the likes of Abegg, Scurlock, and Hummel, but I can always keep trying. First though, I need to convince the finance minister that I NEED some top quality glass and a full frame sensor!

Are you close to a coffee table book now?! Would buy..

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14 hours ago, kmfoerster said:

Are you close to a coffee table book now?!

:lmao:Closer, for sure, thanks for the vote of confidence.  The new camera really upped the number of keepers, but I need to figure out how to organize it around a theme or how to even approach it, what software to use, etc.  Suggestions welcome!   Truth is, it is also a bit daunting.   But maybe one of these days....

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