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  1. Bolivia - Condoriri & Huayna Potosi

    This is an off topic question but kinda related - What kind of sleeping bag (ie down/synthetic, degree rating) will I need to trek in Bolivia and possibly do some climbing as well. Im def. trekking for a while and might have the opportunity to do some climbing so want a bag that will fit the bill for both. Thanks!
  2. What kind of conditions for 0 degree bag

    Where do you draw the line on what kind of sleeping bag to take - like taking a 0 degree bag for Rainier or any cascade volcano climb? What kind of mountains require what kinds of bags - how high can you comfortably take a 0 degree bag i.e. what kind of mountains etc. I m going to s. america and want to buy a bag that can handle trekking as well as 16,000 feet and above volcanoes? will a 0 degree bag suffice
  3. Best way to become a badass

    Hey there people Dorky question Im sure - feel free to berate me all you like - but Im curious what the best ways are to become a damn good mountaineer/rock climber? I finished the Mountaineers basic climbing course last year (b/c it was the only thing I could afford at the time) and now am trying to look for more/better ways to progress. Im sure the quick answer is climb as much as possible which I am trying to do, but Im thinking maybe more formal training, etc. Anyone want to add me to their badass climbing posse? I'll be the funny guy who drinks alot.
  4. best multifuel stove bar none

    Anyone have recommendations as to the best multifuel stove. Looking for something that is versatile in high altitude/cold conditions that requires the least amount of maintenance.
  5. looking for the lightest/warmest/best deal 0 degree down bag that I can use for trekking/climbing in S. America. Did a cursory look at the mtn. hardware phantom 0 degree. Any suggestions. Also, what are the main components I should look for in getting down bag i.e. fill weight, bag material, etc. Thanks!
  6. Old version of Mtn. Hardware Trango tent

    Sorry for the confusion - Im buying the damn tent but just wanted some trusted discussion board words of wisdom to assuage any fears I had.
  7. Old version of Mtn. Hardware Trango tent

    I just won a bid on ebay for an older but never used mtn. hardware trango 2 tent - when they had the green and gray color scheme. I got it for 230.00 bucks? Was this a good deal? Should I actually buy it or what? Thanks!
  8. Good rock in WA to practice sport leading on?

    Thanks for all the good advice...and to those who didnt have anything of value to say...thanks for the laughs! Keep it comin!
  9. Anyone know of some good spots/routes to practice sport leading on? Along those lines does anyone have any recommendations about the best methods of learning how to lead on sport? Thanks!