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  1. If you can only carry one camera (e.g. for technical climbing), get a good point and shoot. My vote is for the Yashica T4. Had mine for 3 years, its been ice climbing and winter mountaineering and I've never had a problem with it.
  2. Cal cheak ice is coming in

    Jason, The Moaning Tree Wall is in the Cal cheak climbing area south of Whistler, BC. The guidebook has detailed information for finding the ice and can be read (...purchased) at MEC. Tom
  3. Spent the day top-roping thinish ice, grade 3 to 4, at the Moaning Tree wall. Not thick enough for screws yet, but the ice is rapidly getting fatter, weather conditions permitting of course.
  4. Bibs - do I really need them?

    I wore bibs for years, and now I've switched over to a very lightweight, high waisted pant with suspenders and full side zips (the waterproof kind with no storm flaps). These pants weigh only a third of what the MEC bibs weigh. I've yet to have any problems with snow in my pants when climbing ice or skiing. My 2 cents.
  5. Vancouver, BC shops

    Definitly check out Climb On when in Squamish. I've had great service there.
  6. TCU's, who makes the best and why?

    I have Metolius tcu's and never had any problems, other than the wires can get bent during a fall. Never tried using aliens. Hear they are great for aid.
  7. uncle tricky Smelliest Car

    No officer, my car doesn't smell like herb....it's the pine tree air freshener....yes, I understand I have the right to remain silent....
  8. snow pickets

    Jesse, I'll pass on your email to Chris. I see him every so often at Vertical Reality in Surrey. I'm heading back to the island to work so spring is out for me, but maybe I'll see you out in the hills some time. Rumour has it you're a bit taller than when I last saw you 14 years ago or so. Me and Dave are still short asses. Good luck with those pickets.
  9. Rope Solo

    Look at getting the USHBA basic ascender for climbing on a fixed line. I have used it tons at the Smoke Bluffs and it's bomber. Locks instantly every time with zero rope slippage. Can be set up for use as a prussik and hauler too, but doesn't really work for jumaring. For climbing by yourself on a fixed line, this is the real deal. http://www.karstsports.com/32250.html
  10. snow pickets

    As Matt mentions, pickets placed vertically are often useless unless placed in hard neve' in the summer/fall. 90% of the time I place pickets as a deadman. Jesse, I am friends with David Larson (aka "stu") and Chris Wilson (he climbs now too) Remember being assaulted by the old man with the cane at the bus stop on 152nd. You were probably 12 years old or so at the time.
  11. snow pickets

    I carry them with two biners clipped to the picket, one at the end and the other a few holes up from the other end. If you then clip a shoulder length sling to the biners, and put your head and one arm through the sling (like you would normally carry slings around your neck and one arm) the picket will stay tucked up against one side of your back. Works when wearing a pack to. Then to place the picket you just pull the sling over head and unclip one biner and it already has a quickdraw. Confused? I am. hey, you didn't skate in White Rock as kid did you?
  12. Bear Spray

    As a forester working on Vancouver Island, I have bear encounters on an almost daily basis. I carry bear spray, but not for the Black Bears, but for the Cougars. As long as you don't surprise a bear, or get between a mom and cubs, you're fine. I find that it's rare to even see bears when you are hiking on a trail in groups, talking etc. If you are in Grizzly country, well that's another matter. Most Foresters working on the central coast of BC carry shot guns instead of Bear spray. Most for those of you in the USA, there ain't many Grizzlies down there to worry about. BTW, have you ever tried firing off a can of bear spray? It has a range of 5 to 6 feet. Something to keep in mind
  13. Place Names

    Stoner, BC
  14. Best Alpine Alcohol?

    Not to offend you alcoholics, but forget the booze, it will only slow you down on the way in and the day after. Bring some kind herb, it only weighs an ounce! The time for booze is at the pub after the trip
  15. Pemberton, Coast Range

    Nice photo. Got me psyched now. Looks like a lot of options for this weekend. Thanks.