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  1. FS: Suunto Core Watch $80

    So how about it? Doesn't seem like you have any other takers... I'll send you a check, and when you get the check, send me the watch. You're not going to get ripped off and you'll sell your watch. In fact, lets make it $85 to include the price of a USPS flat rate priority mailing box. You don't have to stand in line at the post office, just use an automated postal machine.
  2. Google Earth Black Magic

    My buddy is a land surveyor and he mentioned a not-so-new technology being used in commercial surveying these days. It's basically LIDAR (using a LASER to scan distances from above' like a fish finder but pinpointed), but position on the ground. The surveyors set up on a station, the devise does a 360 scan (scanning both horizontally and vertically, records distances from station. Then the surveyor sets up on another station, repeats the scanning, then moves to another station.... Using CT technology, the data from the different stations can be squashed into one 3d model. For the land surveying, they generate the model, then a technician views the data on a computer and keys up the model ("that's a tree, that's the edge of the curb, that's a hydrant...." My guess is these google goodies are created using this sort of technology. http://www.landairsurveying.com/3d-laser-scanning/ I think radiohead has a video out that was created using this tech.
  3. FS: Suunto Core Watch $80

    If you're willing to take a check on good faith and mail it to me, I'm in. Obviously feel free wait around a bit to see if anyone local chimes in, but a check and mailings better than nothing, right? Dave B davidmichaelbrannon on the google email.
  4. It's important to know when you need to turn around (and head back up)
  5. Bellingham YMCA

    Anyone want to join me for a regular evening session at the Bellingham YMCA rockwall? I'm not that interested in what level you're climbing, more that you are willing to commit to a weekly session and that you're an attentive belayer. Give me a shout if your interested davidmichaelbrannon on the google email. Now all you haters can stop laughing b/c 1. Vital stinks. Literally. 2. I get a better workout at the Y b/c I climb more there. Vital is fun, but I end up "resting" so much! 3. I enjoy the "longer" climbs. 4. I enjoy the more quiet atmosphere at the Y. Just FYI. Flame on.
  6. Found this just over the north side of goat mountain (Nooksack). Simmond hyperlite something something with montrail stickers. If it's yours and you want to pick it up in Bham, call me. Dave 360-319-3050
  7. Hey d: Regarding camping near baker: check the hannegan pass rd. it has a good variety of designated and dispersed campsites. If leaves hwy 542 just after the shuksan WSDOT station and just before the hwy starts to seriously climb towards the ski area. It's signed. The road is about five miles long with most of the camping options early, but over half a dozen sites in the road end. I think this time of the yea you'll find something good. Regarding fisher chimneys: I don't think anyone can give you anything beyond a. Insignia report and you can search and browse that better than anyone can reply. My suggestion is go see. Bring your A game and e ready to turn around if you're in over you head. If you end up turning around at Annie's slide (the first real steep snow), you'll still have gone for one hell of a hike! Good luck
  8. More data about this situation: Mt Ruth snow anchor failure A single anchor is no where near "fail-safe", let alone a single snow anchor!
  9. Access to Twin Sisters Range

    Try the new east side approach. Starts with the elbow lakes trail approx 10 miles up the middle fork rd. Only the most oblivious will miss the signage from there. Doesn't get to the North Twin; move on.
  10. Teachers Strike

    I'm a teacher. Right now I'm working 5x12's (6am to 6pm) with an additional 2-4 on Sundays. I don't have classes to teach over summer but I also have a giant JJA (June/July/August) list to complete. The actual time we get off in summer is less than you might think and we pay for it during the year. (Full disclosure: I'm an idiot for doing, but I also have to to do a good job. I suppose the "if you don't like it, quit" folks would support me putting in my clock-time and come and do a mediocre job.)
  11. You can have (free) my Fritchii Freddrides if you want them and arrange/pay to get them to you. I live in Bellingham. They are older (bought in 04?) and relatively heavy and don't have any skiis attached to them, but they're free and they work. This offer applies to anyone who responds. First come, first serve. pm me with a text number and I'll text you back. Dave
  12. Route Grades

    I think routes are generally rated based on how they are. Seriously though, the difficulty of the moves doesn't change for onsight/redpoint/toprope/ blah blah blah. That stuff is mental. In my opinion, the pro situation is independent of the climbing. Yeah, you may work harder fiddling with a odd nut placement, but that's not the climbing. My thoughts.
  13. Drones

    Jim: I'm with you. "utility" uses (to me) are legit.
  14. Most buyers will want to know the rated weight of the ski, i.e. what body weight are they cambered for? How much do you weigh (or when you bought them)? Also, where are you? Shipping = way too much. Dave
  15. Drones

    Suck: check. 1. Cool pictures and video from drones are like crack for the mind: no effort, no work on the users part, just pure reward. Talk about lazy! 2. They're annoying, and there's no denying it. In general, I think the environemtn around us should be disturbed as little as possible. 3. Legal? Probably in many places, but hopefully not for long. 4. Biggest one for me is they seem like a huge amount of money diverted from something more worthwhile. Do we really want to spend $500 to see a video of some guy ski? I guess if it's of yourself skiing, its ok. 5. Sniper style with a bb gun. Flame on, bitches. My bet is most people either are pro or don't have the nuts to stand up and say that even though they are "legal" at this point, they should go away.
  16. Swelling in palm below ring finger?

    Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor, I haven't seen you hand, and I only read you post once. But I will respond. I went to a doctor with a similar complaint and he told me about this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dupuytren%27s_contracture Dave
  17. WTB: Alpine touring skis, bindings, and boots

    Can you clarify what you want. Is it that you're looking for a lighter setup? Thanks.
  18. LaSportiva Sideral AT Boot

    Sale went smoothly. Seller easy to work with! Dave
  19. LaSportiva Sideral AT Boot

    sent another PM!
  20. stress fracture? bored as fuh

    try yoga. Give it a month. It involves great strength, flexibility, and mind exercises. And with a DVD, you can do it at home for free. But I suggest expert coaching, too. Good luck!
  21. LaSportiva Sideral AT Boot

    sent you a pm
  22. Seeking Your Opinion - Losing Gear

    Amen. I forgot to pack my wife's sleeping bag once.... I slept without (a bag or my wife). "Happy wife is a happy life"
  23. Seeking Your Opinion - Losing Gear

    Partners are partners. Split the cost regardless of "who's at fault" If someone continues to demonstrate dipshit-osity, ditch them and climb sick shit solo.
  24. Mount Redoubt - any information?

    You should check out this page: http://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/ubb/tripreports/ It's pretty good. Good luck! Dave
  25. Awesome trip, awesome TR. Looks like a close group. Dave