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  1. Awesome, thanks for the advise!
  2. I have a climbing rope that I've had for 10 yrs now, I retired it for rock climbing a couple years ago. Usage was moderate in its day, no major whippers on it. Friends want to use it for glacier travel, and their motto was " that's a perfect glacier rope". Any thoughts, or suggestions on this? My initial thought was if I retired it for climbing, why would it still be ok for glacier travel? Wouldn't the water factor weaken it even more, and putting pulleys on it, the likely hood would be it snapping in a situation?
  3. Hey Matt, looks like we have some similar interests.. http://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/1135027/Sun_mon_mountaineering_partner#Post1135027 PM me.
  4. Me? I'm in my mid 30's in decent shape looking for experienced partners for spring/summer mountaineering. I have generally Sun/Mon's off but can occasionally move around days. Come June, I will have all of the summer off through till end of October and willing to travel international or domestic on summit mountain missions. I have all my own personal gear, old knowledge of mountaineering skills (have been out of the loop for a few years- but have been WFR cert./crevasse rescue trained etc, but also still actively seasonally rock climbing). Looking for SAFE, reliable good spirited climbing partners that are climbing for the journey not for the record. Some interest would include but not limited to: up to moderate routes on Glacier peak, Pickets, Shuksan, Hood, Rainier, BC in general (maybe in Joffre range? and Bugaboos?) just to name a small few.... I have a pretty long list. I am motivated to get back out, the crux is regular reliable experienced partners! I'm ok starting out on small missions to get the season going, or the alternative- a good butt kicking from the start. I'm in the Bham area, willing to meet up where ever to discuss or practice skills as well.
  5. used Grivel crampons $60

    Older style Grivel crampons, in good shape, solid. $60
  6. looking for more regular climbing partners

    HEY!!! She's great company too Lets climb some more chica! Let me know what you have for time off ~Keri
  7. Cool, thanks for the beta. Bouldering is probably more realistic it looks like then. Any good tips on extremely cheap hostel/guesthouse, since it seems like camping is forbidden?
  8. Washington Bolt Replacement

    I can't thank you enough for the bolt replacement on the 5.6 B.S route. You are a true man of justice and high integrity. Thank you for keeping your word and your service for the safety of our community. If there is anyway I can help please let me know. ~Keri
  9. Looking for any beta on climbing in the seychelles islands. It looks dreamy and fun!! Where do the climbers stay there? What kind of routes? or is it mostly bouldering?
  10. That would be fantastic! Thank you for your expertise, and willingness to keep people safe out there. Im hoping someday I can acquire the knowledge to help rebolt. I also do my part and help out in the climbing community in other ways Much appreciated!
  11. summer alpine climbing

    I would be interested getting involved as well. I have every other week off all summer. And I think I know Lindsey, Im in Bham as well. ~Keri
  12. I appreciate all of the feedback. Also, thanks for the link to the old thread.. geez those were posted back in like 2004 too! Dang. I will try and contact someone about it, cause it does need attention.. someone is going to get hurt. I normally like to get off of the road a bit, but me and a friend were just trying to get some last ones in. One would think especially easy routes closer to the road the more use/hence more attention. But that is my fault for assuming, I know to never assume. I did my hailmary's after I got a cam in above. Lesson learned, I just want to make sure the next person doesn't make the same mistake and get put in that predicament. Safety for all the homies.
  13. I scared the piss out of myself the other day leading what I thought was going to be a walk in the park route (5.6 and all) but the one section of "scritchy slab" turned into a nightmare because of the really bad old rusty bolt with a really flappy hanger. Really dangerous situation for a 5.6 climb. After braving it out, I find out that other locals know that it is really bad "oh you did THAT sketchy route". Anyone know who to contact to get that route patched up? The anchor at the top also had a loose bolt. (The route is called B.S. -its on the left side of Domestic Dome) I will even pay for the hardware to get that bolt replaced!
  14. Winter Climbing Partners

    I also have mid week days off looking to get down to jtree/red rocks throughout the gray sky season (with the option to fly down to meet up a bunch) I am very motivated to climb a lot, and i have trad gear and lead moderate routes. Sounds like we could get some serious climbing in. I also struggle finding fellow female climbers mid-week. We should chit-chat....
  15. http://www.sierratradingpost.com/edelrid-cobra-dynamic-climbing-rope-60m-103mm~p~4956j/?filterString=climbing~d~9%2F&colorFamily=01 (extra 30% off at checkout (you can click on view coupon) makes it $88!! Oh ya!