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  1. I bought 'em from Feathered Friends in 2014 to climb Mt Shuksan (successful), climbed Olympus in 2016 (successful), and hiked part of Mt Adams with grandson in 2017, then tried Mt Baker this past weekend (unsuccessful) because my left foot became so terribly painful that I turned back just before the Roman wall where it gets steep. Left foot has had surgery which has now (apparently) caused the shape/size to change enough that the boot just doesn't fit well - is far too tight, and quite painful after a while. So, they should go to someone who will get good use out of 'em. Original cost was a bit under $600, how about $300, and I ship (CONUS) for that?
  2. No, the "double back" style has a one-piece buckle, and the end of the webbing must be threaded back over itself every time. The "speed buckle" style has a two-piece buckle and the webbing is fixed in place, and has the webbing sewn over as you mentioned. I've used both and far prefer the old style, but I'm guessing the manufacturers are catering to the "most inattentive among us" by going with the "speed buckle". I find the old style to be easier to set and adjust, but I do know that more attention in "harnessing up" is imperative! Thanks all, for the replies!
  3. Thank you! I have not heard of this company. I just wrote to them to confirm, and then will place an order if it's the old style buckle. The way things are going, I must be the only guy out there that likes this buckle arrangement.
  4. My favorite harness, by far, is the Metolius "Safe Tech" with the two belay loops and the double back style waist belt buckle. But, they now only supply that harness with the newer, "speed buckle". I really dislike those, and it seems everyone is going to that style, so it appears that I'm outta luck. (%$#@#! lawyers, I suspect). Searching the 'net tonight (so far) has resulted in Ø (zero) harnesses with that style buckle. Do any of you know of a manufacturer that still uses this buckle? Second question is, somewhere recently I saw/read of a harness that has a small loop sewn into the leg harness strap, designed to clip a 'biner into for use with a prussik or klemheist autoblock. Do any of you know which one this might be. I'll keep searching, but haven't found it (yet). Thanks, all...
  5. I have a Reverso 4, a BD ATC guide and several other such gadgets. I want to use it in the gym where I work for demonstration purposes. Anyway, I have one on the way at a decent price. Thanks, all.
  6. I'm looking to buy a Reverso, the original (reverso 1, I believe?). In good physical condition, none, or not much scraping of surfaces, no sharp edges (if possible). I saw one in use a few years ago, and was quite intrigued by it, so want to get one to demo as a teaching aid in the gym where I work. I find one on eBay.uk for a reasonable price, but the condition and shipping (~$26) puts me off. Thanks all.
  7. It's been my experience that if you reef on SS bolts/nuts enough they'll lockup and you'll never get 'em to move again. However, this is in regards to antenna mounting hardware where "reefing" on the hardware is quite possible. This may not be possible with climbing anchors, I don't know. I've never placed anchor bolts.
  8. I'll take the pulleys, 2 quick links and the Smith rock book. PM you shortly.
  9. OK, I can see that. Maybe a loose definition of "below Camp Muir", but valid. I don't take the kids there, and I may go take a look myself one day. Thanks.
  10. This is done in Northfield, Mass. I toured the facility about 20 years ago, quite interesting.
  11. Yes, that's essentially all I want. I'll look into the one you suggested. Thanks....
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