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  1. sold! Wild Country Rockcentrics - lightly used

    $20, is that including (cheapest method) shipping?
  2. wanted to buy Petzl Reverso 1 - WTB

    I have a Reverso 4, a BD ATC guide and several other such gadgets. I want to use it in the gym where I work for demonstration purposes. Anyway, I have one on the way at a decent price. Thanks, all.
  3. I'm looking to buy a Reverso, the original (reverso 1, I believe?). In good physical condition, none, or not much scraping of surfaces, no sharp edges (if possible). I saw one in use a few years ago, and was quite intrigued by it, so want to get one to demo as a teaching aid in the gym where I work. I find one on eBay.uk for a reasonable price, but the condition and shipping (~$26) puts me off. Thanks all.
  4. Oregon Bolt Replacement

    It's been my experience that if you reef on SS bolts/nuts enough they'll lockup and you'll never get 'em to move again. However, this is in regards to antenna mounting hardware where "reefing" on the hardware is quite possible. This may not be possible with climbing anchors, I don't know. I've never placed anchor bolts.
  5. I'll take the pulleys, 2 quick links and the Smith rock book. PM you shortly.
  6. Spot vs Inreach vs ???

    OK, I can see that. Maybe a loose definition of "below Camp Muir", but valid. I don't take the kids there, and I may go take a look myself one day. Thanks.
  7. FS (price drop) Never used OR Alpine Bivy

    Check PM, please.
  8. Intro to alpine climbing - noobs wanna do Hood?

    Howdy yerself ;-) Check PM.
  9. Spot vs Inreach vs ???

  10. Random question re electrical networks

    This is done in Northfield, Mass. I toured the facility about 20 years ago, quite interesting.
  11. Spot vs Inreach vs ???

    Yes, that's essentially all I want. I'll look into the one you suggested. Thanks....
  12. Spot vs Inreach vs ???

    I've decided it's getting time to consider a locator device, and would like a comparison from experienced users, not just the advertising by the device companies. Anyone care to share the +/- of their devices? Thanks in advance...
  13. Eldorado Peak

    Thanks, I've been looking at this one for a while. I do hope it is good weather, I like the views on top as much as the hike up.
  14. Eldorado Peak

    Sandy, just saw your post re: El Dorado... check your PM.
  15. Absolute newbie; where do I start?

    Not true, Mazamas basic course registration starts next Tuesday... www.mazamas.org Further, the Mazamas have some *very* good online instruction sessions on Youtube. However (and this is important!), these videos are not suitable for use "in lieu of" competent personal instruction, but they are useful to give you an idea of what some aspects of mountaineering are all about.