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  1. I have 49 issues of Summit ranging from Jan 73 through Spring of 90, with a solid representation of the mid 70s then sporadic issues through the 80s. I also have 14 issues of Mountain dated between 73 and 77. I will cover media mail shipping expenses. If you are looking for a specific issue, let me know and we can work something out.
  2. Agreed. There are few lower life forms than politicians.
  3. I just heard a quote from General Tommy Franks that made me think of this forum: "When you get and face an anti-war protester, look him in the eye and shake his hand. Then, wink at his girlfriend, because she knows she's dating a pussy." Cheers.
  4. I think Off White might be on to something. Maybe BD will design a harness holster for some hippy strength pepper spray.
  5. Matt, I agree with you and give complete support to those that wish to participate in non-violent protests to change policy. That freedom is what makes me love my country. I call what happened here in Oly masterbation because lots of the more offensive behavior was done for little more than self gratification. Protesters created road blocks in front of civilian traffic, threw people private trashcans into the street, and even smashed out the windows of a downtown bank. For several the unrest in Olympia was just an excuse to run wild. I watched the guys who had just returned home from 15 months in Iraq drive through town in fear that someone would throw a rock at them or push some obstacle in there way. This is leading towards the same behavior that led so many Vietnem vets to feel completely alienated and unwelcome in the country they thought they were standing up for. By the way, if engaging in public debate is masterbation then you can count me in.
  6. The stuff that went down in Oly last week wasnt to far from spitting on troops. Throwing bricks and trashcans in front of them while they drive down the street doesn't exactly say "Welcome home." The bizarre thing is that several war protesters claim that we should pull out of Iraq because of all the dead and dying soldiers, but when those soldiers make it back to the states they throw trashcans at them. The Olympia Port protests were little more than masterbation.
  7. gmknight

    Other talents?

    I would have to agree with ken4ord on this one. It is great to be decent at all sort of things, but to me it is important to have a select few things that I do better than most. Climbing used to be the thing that I focused all my attention on and was probably the one thing I did better than everything else. Work and educational commitments have severely limited my climbing time in recent years so now I do everything better, and nothing as well as I like. I am definitely mountain biking, running, and drinking beer better than I am climbing right now. I intend to improve my fly fishing and skiing abilities, but those are second to getting back on rock.
  8. Chris Lindner was chipping holds at the age of five.
  9. I've heard rumors of a climbing spot in the PNW called Black Forest. Anybody heard of it? Know where or what?
  10. Nice work and good pics! Looks like a fun day out.
  11. I have trouble remembering how I survived in jobs before the internet. I spend my mornings reading in the blogosphere, reading the news, and checking www.steepandcheap.com. When I get back from lunch it is time to surf cc.com, play pacman, and watch whatever media is floating around. Damn, I wish I had a window...
  12. I carry concealed for work and would have to suggest that smaller and lighter is better. I generally carry a Sig 228 but the size and weight sometimes discourages me from carrying, and what good is a gun if it is on the nightstand and I am out? I have a small SW .38 but would probably get an auto if I was to do it again. The Bersa Thunder, various Khar models, and Kel-Tec are all worth looking into (though I think the Kel-Tec is more of an emergency situations only pistol, not something you would want to cycle a bunch of round through). Good luck. Oh yeah, if I were you I would totally scratch the idea of an ankle holster. Even if you can get past the insecure feeling, the gun will never be readily available. Again, what good is a gun if cant be in your hand in an instant? I recommend a Kydex IWB holster. There are plenty of models out there and a recent Handgunner mag covered numerous brands. Lots of folks shy away from IWB because they think it would require bigger pants, but I have never had a problem, even in a tailored suit.
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