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  1. Rookie climber needs help

    what he said ^^
  2. Risky Belay technique?

    reading my book wayne?
  3. Saying goodbye to cc.com

    i heard he almost passed out from the blood shunted to his dick from the priapism while wearing a Merino Wool onesie
  4. Saying goodbye to cc.com

    I think the biggest outrage and surprise is that Bob's banner ad's aren't all or mostly from NAMBLA
  5. Saying goodbye to cc.com

    i know who i'm mugging
  6. no reason to subscribe to any climbing magazines when you get to read Radek's trip reports
  8. These people are human garbage. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/dec/31/north-korea-pro-snowboarders-to-test-masikryong-ski-resort?CMP=share_btn_fb
  9. I'm back bitches

    the party's over sorry. Now it's just a Q&A forum about ice climbing boots with NOLSe
  10. I'm back bitches

    i go posting in spray once every year or so and look who shows up in a thread right next to me? Glad to see you back. Things have changed.
  11. My marketing went from pathetic to non-existant as I published my last book pretty much the last second before I moved out to NY for PA school. Anyway, I finally have some time off, looked at sales over the past year, and decided to really do some hardcore gorilla marketing by posting a link to amazon.com on a couple website. So witness my marketing campaign: Buy a goddamn book --> http://www.amazon.com/Climbing-Stronger-Faster-Healthier-Beyond/dp/149965667X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1450905215&sr=8-1&keywords=climbing+stronger+faster+healthier flame away
  12. Alex Lowe

    he n' mugs are getting belay ledge blowjobs from 100 virgins in heaven
  13. merry holidays buy a fucking book

    perhaps a resident computer expert (ya'll are in seattle right?) could fix it so the entire book scrolls on an endless loop?
  14. merry holidays buy a fucking book

    that's pretty good over here at the gunks
  15. merry holidays buy a fucking book

    I made this for Ivan: http://www.starwars.com/games-apps/star-wars-crawl-creator/?cid=567b9a62e4b0a2ce761039df
  16. merry holidays buy a fucking book

    yup, and went a little further too
  17. window lickin

    even window lickers can find ice in these conditions top secret window lickin ice:
  18. Airdrop for your next expedition

    this could be real useful for those long stretches on the glacier
  19. [TR] Mt. Sefrit-Attempt- Northeast Face 10/29/2005

    I've wanted to try climbing that too. Go do it and let us know
  20. That's ok Wayne, I didn't like the show "The Wire" when everyone else did
  21. I think you misheard wayne, I'm pretty sure he was saying, "Please tell my belayer i am gay" - the bromance must have reaching critical mass on that trip.
  22. guess i should admit now that i have an incredibly robust environmentaly resistant case of MRSAHepaGonorraChlamidiAids and I bled like a stuck pig all over the route, and you and your close contacts probably do too.