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  1. Nice work! Question for you: after leaving the flats near Pole Creek, what were your water sources? Anything in between North and Middle or Middle and South?
  2. Does anybody have a recent conditions report for the glaciers on the Ptarmigan Traverse?
  3. Trip: Bugaboos - All Along the Watchtower Date: 7/25/2017 Trip Report: My partner Sarah Hart and I drew a topo after climbing this route last month - I've heard that some are finding it useful. You can find it here! https://jennyabegg.com/climbing/trip-reportsbeta/all-along-the-watchtower-north-howser-tower/
  4. Laurel, that's a perfect photo! I drew the yellow line on, I'm pretty sure that's the descent route I took. It's incredibly direct, and easier to pick out and less steep than the photo may suggest. That 4 foot mantle is no big deal, seriously. I just mentioned it because it's a good way-marker. Laurel's descent looks great too, either way, just as long as folks aren't descending down the two gullies I marked in green.
  5. Trip: Stuart Range - Acid Baby / The Valkyrie decent beta Date: 8/9/2015 Trip Report: Just wanted to post some descent beta for Acid Baby/The Valkyrie...it took me a few tries to figure it out but I found a great way my last time up there! It seems like these routes are getting lots of traffic and folks are hiking all the way up to Asgard Pass to descend or even worse, totally epicing, so hopefully this info is helpful. Unfortunately, I don't have any good beta photos, so maybe one of you could help with that... When you top out after the ridge traverse, DO NOT go down the gully directly on the other side of the ridge. Continue back and up on no harder than 4th class terrain and essentially perform a U-turn to get into the next gully up. Once in the gully, stay left and do some easy down scrambling. Don't follow the gully down, rather aim left to cross over the ridge at the first area that looks easy. There's a cairn there; another good landmark is a 4ish foot mantle that you perform to get up on a ramp. Once you've found this, you're golden. Continue left on easy terrain, spotting a meadow down below. Aim for the meadow; once there traverse across the slope to connect with the trail, which will get you back to the base of the climb. All of this should take about 30 minutes, and never feel sketchy. Just walking! Much better than going down any gully that might lead to a situation like that ominous stuck rope on that huge chalkstone right of the routes suggests...
  6. I'm finally giving in and joining the tribe of skiers. Oh boy. Hoping to buy a used set up - skis, boots, bindings, possibly skins. Mondo size 25 or 25.5 probably. Dynafit preferable. I live in Seattle and would like to buy local just so I can take a look at the stuff and try it on. Thanks all!
  7. Selling a pair of La Sportiva Glacier Evo boots, size 40. Great for both hiking and mountaineering, and are crampon-compatible. They've been a great boot, and are super comfy. Worn but have a ton of life left in them! PM me if you're interested.
  8. Selling a pair of La Sportiva Glacier Evo boots, size 40. Great for both hiking and mountaineering, and are crampon-compatible. They've been a great boot, and are super comfy. Worn but have a ton of life left in them! PM me if you're interested.
  9. I'm a 28 year-old girl, working at a middle school in northeast Seattle, looking for a place where I can park my van and come inside to use communal living spaces (kitchen, bathroom, laundry, living room). I've lived in my van all summer, traveling from rock to rock on the west coast to climb. Now it's back to work and I'm hoping to find a situation where I don't have to part with my beloved home. My perfect scenario would be with likeminded people (climbers?) who might be looking for a little help with rent/mortgage, somewhere in north Seattle, with a driveway, and hopefully with a little extra storage space where I can put some of my belongings that don't fit in the van. Also, it's my hope that I could feel at home, like another roommate, and not just that girl who lives in her van and sometimes comes inside to shower. While it may be a dirtbag van, I'm really not too much of a dirtbag myself: I'm clean, stay busy with work, night classes, climbing, and friends, don't drink a lot or use drugs, and love eating well, reading, running, and good chocolate. Give me a call or shoot me an email if you're interested!
  10. Genespires - I was thinking the same thing about the terrain to climbers right of Clean Break. Looks like a bit of a tree battle but maybe some good rock. I think we passed you guys on our way west, walking down hwy 20. Almost turned around and gave you a ride as we were so thankful to have gotten ours a few minutes previous. Should've done it!
  11. Patagonia Women's Rock Guide pants, size 10, light wear, color nickel. Patagonia doesn't make these pants anymore, so get them while you can! $40.
  12. Selling my pair of Patagonia Rock Guide pants, women's size 10, color nickel. Got them last year so they're new-ish and the most recent model. In really good shape - just don't fit anymore. Patagonia doesn't make these anymore, so get them while you can! Payment via Paypal and will ship anywhere in the US. $35, shipping included.
  13. Are you willing to sell the BD brass stoppers separately? How much?
  14. I'm headed out to Vantage with my sister on Sunday and while she's looking to possibly stay the night, I need to head home for work Monday morning. Is there anyone out there that I could share a ride back to Seattle with on Sunday evening?
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